A Good and Bad Boss

Topics: Employment, Problem solving, Communication / Pages: 5 (1117 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2013
A good boss vs. a bad boss Comparing things is something we do every day in our lives and especially when we have to make a decision. For example, we might think of similarities or differences when we are buying something or even the way we are treated in a new job vs. an old one. We may need to evaluate two sides of an issue or projects at our workplace. A good boss communicates effectively, shows great team work and solve problems. A bad boss simply does care how he / she talks to their employees, shows a lack of interest in your potential and a poor judge of character on the job. Charles E. Wilson, Businessman and Politian writes, “A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could.” Communication involves more than just being able to speak one-on-one to another individual in a clear manner so that your message is understood but rather being able to speak clearly to your employees especially in a difficult situation. For example, John, an intern comes to you for advice on a personal matter that involves a sexual relationship that has been going on between him and his supervisor. If you have great communication abilities, you will be able to explain your expectations more clearly and develop a healthy work environment for your employees especially in john’s situation, you will need to give a clear and solid response that is in the best interest of your team.
A Good Problem solver is another great quality of being a good boss. When problems are solved at the highest level they are less likely to reoccur in an organization. For example, John the trouble maker decides to spread a nasty rumor about his ex-girlfriend; Jazmin, who works on the second floor and hates John for cheating on her. A nasty rumor can cause many problems such as hatred among peers and corruption within an organization. As a good boss, you will need to solve this problem in the most

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