Good and Bad of Technology

Topics: Computer, Existence, Computing, Reality, Ontology, World / Pages: 3 (607 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2006
How long will it be before tiny robots the size of cells run through our bodies fighting off any disease possible? How long will it be before we are so wrapped up in our machines that the average contact with another person is non existent? Is technology becoming our savior or our executioner? To day's technology by far overshadows what was possible even 20 years ago. There are games so close to real life that if given a picture of a real building and a computer generated one that only a professional can tell the difference. There are prosthetic body parts that that can be controlled with only a thought. Though its not a full proof technology who would have thought it would've been possible 20 years ago?

It all started innocently enough. The first computer was only capable of simple computation and the system filled an entire room. Everything was controlled by man. Assembly lines of factories were the main source of jobs. The Internet was a government controlled database for their own needs. Shortly after when the personal computer came to the mainstream a top of the line system would cost around $4,000. Now even our cheapest systems at $299 blow them away by far. The technology was gear towards adult but that has changed.

In European countries there are hackers at the age of 14 who every day sneak past the government top of the line information security specialist. Teenagers have developed their only language almost incomprehensible by their parents. Try to monitor your child or prevent access and its guaranteed that they will laugh at your attempts. A blooming population of developers are those of teenagers who have already mastered the art of coding and graphical work. Yet this all comes at a price.

How many kids are becoming the out cast of society being immersed in a world where anonymity is your shield? Where the only real identity is one you build through your network of Internet peers. The lobbyist are arguing that violent

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