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Reality and truth are both so hackneyed in a commonplace manner with over-lapping ideas that they each lose their own individuality. Reality is a subjective value that reflects what characterizes our world, whether it is our individual world or the world as a whole, and its conditions. Oliver Sacks' "The Mind's Eye: What the Blind See" and Tim O'Brien's "How to Tell a True War Story" bring the relationship of truth and reality into question. O'Brien openly uses the thin line between truth and reality...

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Nature of Reality

Reality is what you want it to be. Reality is a term that is used loosely, but comes in many different variations. There has never been or never will be one way to interpret reality, as it is built up of beliefs and values which vary from person to person. The true nature of reality is merely an illusion; it is the universe which exists in the mind. George Orwell develops this idea in the novel 1984 as he suggests that the true nature of reality is not defined by its validity but an outcome of...

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What is Reality

What is Reality? What is reality? In my mind, reality is defined by the individual. It is not a single, or whole entity that is the same for everyone. What this implies is that each person has control over their own reality. It varies from person to person but also intertwines. Individual realities can interact with each other which add up and ultimately create other joint realities until an intricate “web” of realities is made that represents the world. I would consider myself an existentialist...

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The Reality of the Truth

What exactly is the truth? Is it reality, sincerity, integrity? Is it accuracy and honesty? How can we tell the difference between the truth and lies? Why does the media have the power to decide for us what is true? As Oscar Wilde once said 'The truth is rarely pure and never simple'. This statement sums up the difficulties of telling the truth, and this is furthermore shown in Rob Sitch et al's Frontline, Lies by Michael Leunig and the poem Nothing to Report by May Herschel Clarke. The television...

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Reality or Illusion?

We are entities living in an illusory reality most people label as "real." Which is real and which is an illusion is in every individual's discretion. What we perceive as real may not be perceived by another as real. So what is real, really? Does seeing something, smelling something, hearing something, being able to taste something, or being able to touch something, make that something real? How can we define real? How can we define illusion? Is real always bound by virtue of the speed of...

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Reality in Inception

Reality and illusion in the movie inception is a theme that is being debated a lot today. But what is reality and illusion anyway. Well reality is the state of what actually exists and has existed. On the other hand illusion is everything that does not exist but seems to exist. An example of an illusion is dreaming. When people dream it seems like everything they see is real but in reality it is just a hallucination. In the movie inception there have been a lot of debates on whether the last scene...

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The Definition of Reality

The Definition of Reality The quote which Christof made in the movie “The Truman Show” depicts the narrow-mindedness of the human brain the inability to search for the truth. Humans get used to the idea of a particular habit of living, which disables them from reaching the ultimate truth. Therefore, reality is the achievement of the questioning of the world around us to find the perfect truth which should be accepted, to live without the conflict that our world presents itself with. In numerous...

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The Realities of Life

realize the truth about her pathetic existence. The story conveys a message, expressed through the character of Miss Brill, that those who do not communicate with others but idealize them, and those who do not act in the real world lose touch with reality. The character Miss Brill can be described a dreamer. The story starts, as she gets ready for her Sunday ritual in which she describes fur stole as a friend or companion instead of an object. Miss Brill lacks companionship that she desperately...

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Immune to Reality

Kristyn Reynolds Professor Tiernan Response to Immune To Reality 9/07/12 Response to Immune To Reality “Upon my back, to defend my belly; upon my wit, to defend my wiles; upon my secrecy, to defend mine honesty; my mask, to defend my beauty.” (William Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida) (Gilbert 133)This quote pertains to the mind protecting and or lying to you to not be harmed, which has been proved in test today. Immune To Reality written by Daniel Gilbert is a piece about how the mind can...

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Appearance in Reality in Hoch's "Zoo"

difference between a reality and an illusion? Sometimes people believe a distinctive difference between the two exists i.e. tangible or nontangible. However, the same people might agree that a difference does not exist when considering borderlines for example. The lines aren’t actually lines drawn into the ground; moreover, hypothetical lines drawn on a map. Not only can illusions become realities, but our perceived appearances and illusions have the ability to produce realities. Esteemed authors...

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