Sex Offenders on the Internet

Topics: Instant messaging, Internet, Sex offender Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Sex Offenders: On the Internet and On the Prowl
It is incredible how much the world has changed. The internet has forever altered the way education has been taught, instant messaging has made communication faster and more efficient, and webcams have even brought far away relatives right into America’s living room. I’m proud of America, and I’m proud that we are forever inventing and improving. But with every new invention, comes flaws.

Sadly, one of the most inventive and resourceful gadgets that has ever been created has become one of the most dangerous, threatening, and unsafe environments in the world, and it lives in every home.

Children spend on average 30 hours a week on the computer; most of those hours include Facebook, instant messaging, homework, video games, or other activities. During those 30 hours, 5 million sexual predators are online at any given time with the ambition to communicate and tempt minors into sharing personal information. The internet has become a soliciting cyberspace for sexual predators who like to hunt for their prey using online chat rooms, instant messaging, and even webcams. The internet has made all of these communications easy for children to use and to get sucked into. As adults it is your job to protect not only your own children but the future of America.

Because of America’s fast moving industry, our new generations are being exposed to the more modern ways of technology. Although this is extremely beneficial for education, it is not as beneficial for the safety of our children. Giving an uneducated and naive child access to the internet is like opening Pandora’s Box to an alluring world of evil. Their curiosity can lead to unexpected troubles and unexpected people that will forever corrupt their innocent little minds. Like Pandora we cannot just tell them to keep the box close, we must teach them what to do once the box is open, because it will open.

Webcams have also have been the most serious risk to...
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