Topics: Human resource management, Management, Employment Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Good evening lady & Gentleman. I’m ________,a HR manager ,well today I will explain a HR concept.
For the begin, we are a HR department. So we need to planning and finding the workforce that effective knowledge for our firm. So you have to understand what workforce happen. For example education, workforce lifestyle, and population structure. Also and then we need to plan about appropriate wage &welfare for attract the people to interested our firm and would like to be our company. Next one we talk about maintain. Do you Know ? Why we give a reward to our employee? First, Motivation, Second Proud and the last one Self confident. HR must to repair estimate and planning for improve organ to an effective workplace. Last scope for today, Training and development is so important for today because nowadays in the business world, if which company have employee that have a very good and wind skill they will successful so we need to train our staff Because I have 2 reason

1. Training can helped improve our employee performance and when our employee have a good of their skill, the company will have a good performance and that become a good profit. Moreover, we are not only improve one or two skill for our employee but we have to improve every skill that significant for their work because in every skill can helped our employee see in the wide picture in their own work. 2. When employee have a good skill, they will have a self confident and that can helped the employee have a loyalty with the company as well
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