Beer School

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Beer school
Q1: What information from a need analysis (organization, task and personal) might have suggested the need for employees to attend the beer school? Considering the need analysis at all three levels (organization, task and personal) for sending employees to attend the beer school, suggestions are mentioned below: Organization Level:

For the effectiveness of this training program, organization has already streamlined the training with its business strategy. Company’s mission, vision, values and beliefs are communicated well at every level in the organization especially with human resource strategies such as this training program; rather made it a strategic training.  After careful consideration have given to internal and external environment and assessment of company’s resources in terms of costs, required materials, facilities and equipment needed. Now here in my opinion, to make this training more effective, Labatt should have been able to provide a training transfer climate and a learning culture within the organization. A culture where employees are able to apply knowledge and skills they learned at training and should be encouraged through giving rewards and managerial support. It will ultimately give employees a sense that the newly acquired skills and knowledge are part of their job duties. Provision of learning culture is an important part of the organization level analysis, because a weak learning culture and a poor training transfer climate will never ensure the effectiveness of this training program.  Since the company is investing a lot on training its employees, so it is equally important to provide them a learning conducive environment after training. and then to analyse whether or not training has an impact on individual performance, because that will ultimately effect the overall organizational performance. Task Level:

For Labatt to know what knowledge, skills and abilities are required to perform a job, only those jobs should have...
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