Human Resources and Hr

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Activity 1:
Human resource department is the field that takes control of training and overseeing employees. Therefore, it is important for HR personnel to develop and maintain some skills and knowledge in that field. Based on the CIPD HR professional map, there are some strategies, insights and solutions that can be followed. One of them is to ensure that Individuals understand the organization's external goals and objectives and the different functions within it. Through understanding what should be done, employees will be able to focus on what they can do to help their organizations. Moreover, promoting leadership among teams and encouraging people to lead and make decisions is one of the most successful strategies used nowadays to define a response. Another core area in the HR Map is leading and managing the Human Resources function. It is important to Lead and manage teams to delivers results that lines up with the organization's mission and vision. Moreover, HR managers should make sure that their HR employees are fully engaged, work collaboratively and possess a deep understanding of the organization's goals. If these points are taken carefully under consideration and application, then it will result in building a competitive world-class HR department that all organizations would want and seek. Performance and reward is one of the most important professional areas. Everyone has different skills and abilities that differ from one to another, even identical twins won't be able to perform the exact same, and therefore, it is important to measure everyone's performance and grade it. When people get rewarded based on their good performances, it will encourage them to do better next time and keep up the good work. Rewarding have many ways, it can be through giving money, certificates, trophies or even promotions. There are eight types of behaviors of employees, each of which has their own impact in the organization. The first is the curious; the person who is...
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