High Performance Work System

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a) High performance work system is group of different but linked approaches to manage the hierarchical approach and human resource practices including selection, training, employee compensation, performance appraisal etc which enhances employee effectiveness. This also builds good employee-employee relationships and creates an environment where an employee has more involvement and responsibility. The employees would have increased opportunities to participate in decisions, training shows them the right path and incentives would motivate them to give their best.

b) The main characteristics of high performance work system are: • Employment security- assures employee job security so that the employees feel safe working in that organization. They have the guarantee of not getting laid off for any lack of work for a certain period. By doing this employees will become more focused on their work and as a result performance increases.

• Selective hiring of new employees- the employees selected should be selective and skilled enough for the job. Otherwise an unskilled employee would not be able to perform well.

• Decentralization of decision making- as every employee should get a chance to share their opinion and the possibility of best idea coming out is more when the number of ideas shared is more.

• Training- to evaluate performance and train employees to improve their performance. This enriches their skills and knowledge and gives them the opportunity to work more efficiently and effectively.

• Extra compensation for performance- ensuring that employees are always motivated to give their best performance to get extra benefits. Performance would gradually increase if this is assured.

• Sharing of financial and performance information- sharing information will let every employee of the organization know about the position of the organization. This creates a good bonding between the employees of...
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