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An explanation of the HR Map.

1.1 HR Profession Map (HRPM)
The HR map is a means in which, a HR professional can asses oneself in order to further their professional development. The map uses 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours a HR professional is expected to exhibit throughout their career. The bands cover the different stages and abilities from someone starting out in HR (band 1) to a high level practitioner, such as an HR Director (band 4). 1.2 Professional areas

The 2 core professional areas are:
1.2.1 Strategies Insights and solutions
HR professionals, of all levels, must show an understanding of the organisation and the business in which they work, putting this knowledge into effect in order to maximise productivity in both a financial and non-financial context, and understands the market in which their organisation competes and/or operates. 1.2.2 Leading and Managing the HR function

HR professionals are driven to lead themselves and others in a proactive manner to the betterment of the organisation. Developing themselves to cover 3 main areas of leadership (personal leadership, leading others and leading issues), a successful professional takes ownership of themselves and plays an active role in the development of others.

The eight remaining professional areas are:
Organisation Design
Organisation Development
Resourcing and Talent Planning
Learning and Talent Development
Performance and Reward
Employee Relations
Employee Engagement
Information and Service Delivery
1.3 Behaviours
Interested and open-minded to methods that help further the organisation and is focused on the future. Decisive thinker
Analytical, quick to process data and is able to use this skill in a way to settle on an outcome beneficial to self and organisation. Skilled influencer
Using their influence is able to gain support and commitment from others, in order to assist the organisation, in reaching their goals. Driven to...
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