Fye 105

Topics: Intelligence, Learning, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (811 words) Published: April 13, 2015

Fye 105
Ms Belwood
Jada Travis

I am very well organized person I like things done in a well thought out step by step manner. I also like to learn in a very structured way, it helps me focus. I am a very visual learner. I like things drawn out maps, graphs things that makes readings more clear. My goal is to earn my associates in arts here at Jefferson community college then transferring with their ultra-program to the University of Louisville for my master’s degree in social work. After I earn my graduate degree, I want to find a job as a child ware fare specialist with my office and space, with my plan to do the best of my ability to make sure every child that walks into my office succeeds I am looking to make about 42,000 a year. If I move to a bigger city I plan on making double.

After the Type Focus assessment, I realized just how much I enjoy things in an orderly fashion. In my personality results I am an ISJF whom naturally focus on caring and commitment. I normally like to be on my own when completing most tasks. My strongest interest was conventional meaning like to follow set procedures and routines, which I have confirmed. Being a child welfare specialist there are certain rules you have to go by and certain steps and procedures you have to follow I know that I would do well in this job setting. Social was my second highest interest being in a career field like the one I have chosen there are times that you have to be very social I feel like I am able to make fit right in.

In my Myers-Briggs assessment I found that my am an ISTJ. I was not surprise when I was told I have a strong preference if introvert than extraversion. I really enjoy working alone and doing things at my own pace. I not really much of the social type or the partying type. The power to be able to focus and make the best logical decisions possible is very much needed as a quality in becoming a child welfare specialist. I am modern sensing over intuition this doesn’t surprise...
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