Group Motivation Inventory Paper

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: August 21, 2011
Group Motivation Inventory Paper
Ephraim Iivula
July 04, 2011
Nicole Darling
University of Phoenix
Group Motivation Inventory
The task of motivating individuals in a group setting requires an understanding of each member’s personality attribute. As such, experts successfully devised theories to help in assessing people’s personality traits. The essence of this evaluation is that many ostensibly discrepancies in a human behavior is orderly and steady because of basic differences in the ways individuals desire to use their perception and judgment. Hence, this paper details my personality letters as manifested under Engleberg and Wynn’s (2010) description of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The paper further explores the effect of such personality trait, and the motivational aspect in a group setting.

What I Learned About Myself in this Exercise
The Personality Type Letters that represent my personality description of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are I,S,T,P. In view of this disclosure, I have learned that my personality is that of an introvert, sensing, thinking, and a perceiving individual. This personality is also of someone who is tolerant, flexible, quiet observer until a problem appears and acts quickly to find workable solutions. In addition, this trait of personality provides analysis of what make effects work and readily peruse large amount of data to isolate the core of practical problems. Moreover, the personality finds interest in cause, effect, and organizes facts using logical principles along with value efficiency.

How this Knowledge Affect the Way I interact in Groups
This personality knowledge creates a profound effect on my personal awareness and self-actualization. Nonetheless, my group interaction remains constant, even as...
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