Fundamentals for Chemistry-Quantitative Measurements

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1 Lab Assignment #5 Write-Up


General Info:

Of Exp #5: In this experiment we will learn about the spectroscope and how it works. To learn the concept of quantitative measurements, to construct a spectroscope and, to use it for taking quantitative measurements.

Experimental Questions:
Please complete this section of your write-up as you work on the experimental portion of this lab.

1.Hold the grating several inches from your face, at an angle. Look at the grating that you will be using. Describe what you see at the grating surface.
I see different color of the rainbow and when I change the angle that am holding the diffraction grating

Hold the grating up to your eye and look through it. Describe what you see. Be specific.

When I look to the light source directly, I see the rainbow either to the right or to the left of the light inlet slit.

2. Before mounting your grating, look through the opening that you made for your grating. Describe what you see across the back of your spectroscope.
I see the other opening that I made to be the light inlet.

With the Grating now mounted, look through your spectroscope and describe what you see across the back of your spectroscope. Be specific.
As I mentioned before, I can see the rainbow either to the right or to the left inside the box but when I look directly to the light source it look normal.

Starting at the slit and going outward, what colors do you see in the spectrum? List them all!
The first color to the left of the rainbow will be dark blue or black, then purple, light blue, green, yellowish, yellow, orange, and finally red.

3.When you view the spectrum, you should be able to see a spectral image to the right of the slit and to the left of the slit. How are the spectral images the same?

The start with the same color and end with the same color also. So the one on the right start (from the close side of the light inlet) with dark blue and end with read, the one on the left will start (from the close side of the light inlet) also with dark blue and end with the red.

How are they different?

I don’t see really different between them but the one to the left looks shorter (in length) than the one on the right.

4.How does narrowing the slit affect the spectra that you are viewing (Try it and see!)? Compare the shape, thickness, and resolution of the spectral lines before and after narrowing the slit.

The narrower the slit opening is, the clearer the black lines between the spectra colors.

5.Looking through the grating, view the scratches you made on the light rod. Do they look like they “glow?”

I didn’t make any scratches!!!! But among the light rod I print and tape the spectra looks like glowing a little bit.

Now place your hand around the light rod. What effect does this have on the “glow?”

It makes it disappear completely.

Now shine a small flashlight on the end of the light rod sticking out of the box? What effect does this have on the “glow?”

The black lines between my spectra disappear and the glow is no more there.

Please briefly describe how your spectroscope works (This should only be 2-4 sentences. You should mention things like slit, grating, light rod, light, spectrum, …).

When the light inter through the like slit which makes it focused just into that slit, after that the light breaks to parallel lines and by looking into the grating we see those colors clearly and we can measure the wave length by using the light rod.



1.A simple picture
Draw your light rod, then draw the complete fluorescent visible spectra superimposed on the light rod, exactly as you see it in your spectroscope. [pic]

2.Now translate the picture above into a graphical representation of the data Draw the Hg spectral lines (show only the violet, green, and yellow lines that you see in...
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