science 1.09

Topics: Water, Seawater, Brackish water Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: October 28, 2014
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Guess-I think that they'll mix together.
Observe- The red stayed on top and the blue stayed on the bottom Explanation- The cold water is denser than the hot water so it wants to stay on the bottom.

Guess- I think that they'll stay the same
Observe- The blue seeped down under the red and the mixing caused purple. Explanation- This is because of the colder water being denser than the hot, and sinking to the bottom due to it.

Guess- I think that the green will go to the bottom
Observe- The green immediately dropped down and mixed with the yellow. Explanation- Salt water is denser than fresh so it'll sink to the bottom.

Guess- I think they will divide into two
Observe- Both colors stay completely separate.
Explanation- Because the less dense fresh water is already on top...
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