Can Water Float on Water?

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My Science Project
Can water float on water?

My Prediction
I predict that water can’t float on top of water. Simply because it sounds impossible, but it will be interesting to find out if however it is possible.

The Experiment
First, I found two 1litre bottles and marked one with ‘+ salt’ and the other with ‘fresh’. I then went on to add red food colouring to the fresh bottle and yellow to the + salt bottle. The reason for doing so was to establish which ones were which and see if they will successfully float on one another. Secondly, I put 25 tsp of salt into the + salt bottle to improve the density of it (as I was told it would help.) Finally I put the fresh bottle on top of the + salt, making sure I didn’t spill too much in the process. (Oops, Dilemma) Or Victory?

As you can see the colours are not contrasting. But I was proved wrong. Although the colours aren’t contrasting, yellow is floating Directly on top of the red so it did work. Water can float on water!!!


Fair Test

Water can float on water. The reason I put the +salt on top of the fresh was because the density of the salt would suppress the fresh allowing the two to mix, the opposite of what we wanted. So I did it vice versa.

If in the future you ever want to try this experiment you would have to do some background research on the following as it would allow you to get the technical side of this experiment.

* Density
* Hydrometer
* Thermohaline circulation
* Estuary
* Salinity

By Danielle Mendes 6MY
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