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 ‘‘Wavelength, Frequency, Energy and Flame Color Produced by Different Metals’’ Period 8 October 30th 2013 October 24th 2013 Sosa #2 ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project was to identify the different flame colors that the different metals release, compare the flame colors with wavelength, compare the wavelength of different flames to their frequencies and energies, explain how the flames colors were produced, compare and contrast the results obtained in the lab...

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Guide Wavelength Measurements

| Assignment 2 | Guide wavelength measurements | | | Abstract The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate: a) The techniques for measuring guide wavelength. b) The relationship between the wavelength in free space and the guide wavelength. Furthermore, this experiment will be a way in which to gain experience in using different types of laboratory communications equipment. Introduction What is wavelength? Wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the distance between identical...

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comparing wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum

Comparing Wavelengths In The Electromagnetic Spectrum Gamma rays have the smallest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum, there is only 0.03 nano meters between the peak of each wave as is shown in this diagram. There is a universal speed that electromagnetic waves travel at which is 300m/s and this means that the wave frequency depends on the wavelength. The wave frequency for gamma rays is 300/0.03=10000hz. Gamma rays are produced by violent events in the universe such as supernovas and...

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How Do Different Light Wavelengths Affect Planaria?

Alec Long 3/29/13 2nd Hour How do Different Light Wavelengths Affect Planaria? 1. Background Information * Non-parasitic flatworm * Some have 2 eye spots, while others have several more * Move away from light * Have three germ layers- estoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm 2. Problem How do different light wavelengths affect Planaria? 3. Independent Variable Color of light 4. Dependent Variable Reaction to light 5. Experimental Group Group that receives...

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Photosynthesis Theory

is determined by its wavelength, which is defined as “the distance from peak to peak (or trough to trough)”. The energy of the light is inversely proportional to the wavelength: longer wavelengths have less energy than shorter wavelengths, which is why violet light has a much higher energy than red light [2]. White light is actually electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths, and can be separated by passing it through a prism. Violet light has the shortest wavelength visible to humans, while...

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Electromagnetic spectrum

the same speed through a vacum .. the waves can be orderd by wave length remebered that waves with the shortest wave lengths have the highest frequency and the most energy and the waves with the lowest wavelengths have the longest frequency and the least energy So if we go through the wavelength in size order .. at the begining of the spectrum is GAMMA RADIATION .. gamma radiation cant be seen or felt , but it does pass through soft skin and tissue , and some of it is absorbed by cells. Gamma...

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Determination of an Unknown Concentration of Potassium Manganate Using Colorimetry

Concentration of Potassium Manganate using Colorimetry Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to conclude the concentration of an unknown solution using colorimetry to plot a calibration curve. Colorimetry measures the absorption of light at wavelengths within the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It can be used to identify the unknown concentration of a solution in reference to a solution of a known concentration. When a solution appears coloured, you see the colour that has not...

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Photosynthesis lab report

process for algae and plants. The photosynthesis process rate varies from different wavelengths and intensities of light. This lab will evaluate the optimal wavelengths and degrees of intensity during photosynthesis when chloroplast is exposed to light. The mixtures of DCPIP with water, PO4 buffer, and chloroplast will be prepared in a number of cuvettes. The cuvettes were tested individually at different wavelengths and intensities to find the optimal rate of photosynthesis by using a spectrophotometer...

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different wavelengths on photosynthetic efficiency. 0.3 1.6 Absorbance 0.2 1.2 Action Spectrum Absorption Spectrum 0.8 0.1 0.4 0 Corrected absorbance at 620nm Filter none blue green red chloroplast + dwater 0 400 460 520 580 640 680 Wavelength (nm) Figure 1. shows the absorption and action spectrum of spinach chloroplasts. The absorption spectrum shown as the line graph represents the absorbances at different wavelengths of light using...

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Flame Tests: Atomic Emission and Electron Energy Levels

method which chemically analyzes the particular wavelength of a sample element to identify and determine the abundance of this certain element. The wavelength of the atomic spectral line unveils the identity of the element while the emitted light intensity is proportional to the number of atoms in the element. The flame test is also a very effective way to identify an individual element. The color of the flame can be described in terms of its wavelength and can be used to identify the element. Energy...

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