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BU 230 A Purple Cow A “Purple Cow” for a person, company, or product is someone or something that no one has seen before. Also, it can be the thoughts or uniqueness of that person, company or product. A “Purple Cow” is a remarkable idea or product that is worth talking about, or paying attention to. Boring products and ideas become invisible to the market. Example of a “Purple Cow” is the ipad, Steve Jobs for conducting and bringing the ipad and iphones to life, also the company itself...

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Macromolecules: Color and Solution

Ascorbic Acid Protein Glucose Lipid Unknown Results Water Protein Starch Lipid Vitamin C Unknown Iodine yellow yellow colorless yellow drop colorless purple black Sudan III light red light red light red orange light red light red Biuret & Copper sulfate light blue dark purple light blue white with blue drop yellow light blue Discussion The color of the water after the indicator solutions were added is the color that was used as the control...

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Food Lab: Testing for Protein, Starch or Sugar

amount of sugar. The hypothesis says that if a food is positive for proteins after Biuret's solution is added it will turn a purple. If Biuret's solution is added and it turns a pale blue color it's negative for proteins. The turkey and crackers are going to be positive for protein. If Iodine is added to the food and it's positive for starch it should turn a dark purple/black color and if Iodine is added and it's tested negative for starch it should turn a burnt orange. The crackers are going to...

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The Color Purple

“You better not never tell nobody but God. It’d kill your mammy,” Celie is told by her Pa. So that’s what she does in The Color Purple, she writes to God, in letters. She does this, not only because of the command, but also because she is unsure of how to deal with being the subject of rape and abuse. She doesn’t clearly know how to express herself, and her letters to God is the only thing that would listen to her anyway. As Celie grows older, she gains outside listeners that help her actualize God...

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The Color Purple

Marisha Twillie The Color Purple The Color Purple is a story written by Alice Walker and is about the life of an African American woman named Celie who lived in the South. Celie wrote about all the horrible events that have happened in her life such as getting raped by her stepfather, her children being taken away and sold, and how she was beat by her husband Mister. This is not only a story about growing up into womanhood but about the lives and stories of African American women from the...

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The Color Purple

The Color Purple Eng.: 225 Introduction to Film Instructor: Hannah Martin April 7, 2014 The Color Purple Steven Spielberg has a different point of view about the novel The Color Purple. His view of The Color Purple was that it should be made into a movie. The film identifies various aspects of abuse towards women. Spielberg used different women in this movie to help demonstrate the acts of violence...

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The Classic Pen Company

sales • 5 years earlier- introduced Red Pens using same technology at 3% premium • Recently, introduced Purple Pens using same technology at 10% premium. Classic Pen Company – Issues facing the Management ISSUE 1 - Profitability While Red & Purple pens seem to be more profitable, overall profitability of the company is falling ISSUE 2 - Pricing ISSUE 3 – Product Mix Process for Red and Purple pens require more resources (set-up time etc.) cfgfhhjhbjkCV ISSUE 4 – Internal Processes “Tough...

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Testing for Macromolecules

is not present in a sugar molecule? One nitrogen atom is present per molecule in an amino acid. Data Collection: Sample Before Heating A. Benedict’s Solution +Heat B. Iodine Solution C. Biuret Reagent 1. Protein Solution Purple Light Purple Dark Orange Light Purple 2. Glucose Solution Light Blue Orange-yellow Light Orange Transparent 3. Sucrose Solution Light Blue Light Blue Light Orange Transparent 4. Starch Solution Light Blue Light Blue Dark Brown Transparent 5. Distilled Water Light...

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Experiment No. 4 : Paper Chromatography

for ethanol and these are light green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow, while solvent have four and these are pink, purple, charcoal, and green. 3. Measure the distance traveled by the solvent and the distance traeled by each of the color component. 4. Solve the retention factor value of each color component Distance of Component Retention Factor A. Ethanol a.) Light Green 3.8 cm 0.43 b.) Blue 5.8 cm 0.65 c.) Purple 6.3 cm 0.71 d.) Orange 8.1 cm ...

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Classic Pen Company

ABC Model Submitted to: Peter Roth Submitted by: Jessica Bodnar 104042988 October 21st, 2014 Classic Pen Company are a low-cost producer of traditional blue and black pens. By adding red and purple pens they could add a 3% and 10% premium, respectively. Making the red and purple inks were more complicated but seemed more profitable, however their overall profit margins were going down. Using the Activity Based Costing method, Jane Dempsey, the controller of the Classic Pen Company...

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