Color Purple

Topics: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, The Color Purple, Education Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Dear Pulitzer Judging Board,
The book, The Color Purple by Alice Walker was superior. This book should have received the Pulitzer Prize because it contains some of the best elements, in which this book very unique. Some of the key elements that were featured is by the book being written in letters and or diary form by the protagonist, Celie, herself. Another key element of The Color Purple was Alice Walker’s way of connecting with the audience showing strong emotions and the struggles that Celie was going through in her life. She connects with the audience because the pain that Celie was going through, others have too.

The book itself was very well structured because Celie was not educated as she had to stop going to school, it showed through her letters. Words were misspelled intentionally which also makes this book a winner for the Pulitzer Prize. The use of figurative language was prominent in the novel. The most common type of figurative language that occurred was imagery and similes. With Celie’s sister Nettie her letter was more descriptive showing the imagery side of the novel. Also contributing to the writing style of The Color Purple is the southern language that helps to portray the description of characters more clearly. The diction portrayed was based on the education level and you could tell by the writing and clarity of words is that Nettie was highly educated while Celie was not. Which Alice Walker showed by the different writing styles of the two sisters. Celie speaks in a very rural, Southern speech and consistently uses the word "ast" instead of ask. Celie lives in a black, rural and largely uneducated world. Throughout the novel, Alice Walker uses Nettie's narration to contrast with Celie's. Nettie's diction makes it clear to the reader she has received much more education and she knows the ways of the world, working as a teacher. This device used in The Color Purple indicates a difference in Nettie and Celie's level of education and...
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