Fun Fair Description

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Funfair description

The smell of the cold, crisp air on a fresh winters morning; delightful. Glinting off the side of the shiny horses on the merry-go-round, were the warm rays of golden sun. A peaceful morning was soon to be disturbed. Opening the big, rusty iron gates was a small man in oversized clown clothing, a mix of bright colours and confusing patterns. His face, engulfed in a white blend of face paint like an intricate image made using chalk, a palette of vibrant tones that complemented each other, woven throughout his face, creating an excited yet scary expression.

As many children happily entered, dragging their parents, who had less than enthusiasm expressed upon their faces, were lured over by the overpowering smell that had drifted towards them; hotdogs. Suddenly all that was to be seen were many small children pouncing on the man in charge of the wonderful aroma that occurred. Amongst all the depressed parents, spending money on hotdogs for their children, were countless children devouring their hotdogs like carnivores would their prey. Smothered from forehead to chin in tomato ketchup and other sauces, the children seemed to be enjoying their first meal of the day, their parents forced to wipe their sleeve on their children’s faces. The sight of the sausages sizzling on the barbeque had become too much for some parents and giving into temptation, they sported the same ketchup covered face look as their children.

Over on the other side of the mud infested field, there was crowd around a worn, tired looking ride. As the pairs assembled themselves in the vehicles, the bright lights started flashing and it began. The dodgems were like huge beetles zooming around and bumping into each other. People getting hit and whacking their heads, and although that was not pleasant, it seemed to be the most exciting thing about riding in the contraptions. It was an exhilarating experience, to hit other cars with their own and get hit back, yet both...
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