"Iron child","Dogshit food"

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Chinese Literature

The first short story under consideration is "Iron Child" by Mo Yan. The piece of literature deals with industrialization of China, which aimed at establishing the socialist model of political system of this country in the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century. The outcomes of the political transformation of China, particularly, child labor, are described in the story. The story "Iron Child" is narrated by a five-year-old boy (Yan n.pag.). Another short story under analysis is "Dogshit Food" by Liu Heng. The events of this story take place in the period of the so-called Great Leap Forward (1958). "Dogshit Food" deals predominantly with the issues of social life in China and political transformation after the World War II. The author emphasizes the human perception of beauty and ethical aspect of interpersonal relations. The story is being delivered in the third person singular, which indicates author's narrative. The protagonist of the novel is Yang Tiankuan (Heng n.pag.). In spite of thematic diversity and differences in the formal realization of subject matter in both short-stories, "Dogshit Food" by Liu Heng and "Iron Child" by Mo Yan, they have a wide range of similarities.

In his short story "Iron Child", Mo Yan deals with the issues of industrialization of China establishing the socialist model of political system. The writer also reflects upon the most acute and burning social issues, particularly, child labor. It should be mentioned that Mo Yan creates the reality in which children appeared to be the most vulnerable in the face of decisions and choices of adults. The general tone of the novel is gloomy. The pace of revolving the plot is predominantly moderate, gravitating towards acceleration. The surrealist vision gives this short story the flavor of reminiscence, since the author, apparently, is recalling and...

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