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natural. Recreation, it is a term that denotes the refreshment of one's body or mind after work that stimulates amusement or play. People have become too busy to take out time to look within, no time to interact, and have become so dedicated to work. Working can lead to increased stress, illness, disease or more. People weren't meant to work themselves to death. There should be a balance of work and recreation. Our bodies need rest, relaxation and enjoyment every once in a while. Recreation is an activity...

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Leisure, Recreation and Sport Concepts

leisure, recreation and sport amongst individuals and what effect it has on them, only to discover that one man’s leisure may not be identical to another man’s leisure and that his/her reasons are diverse, due to the fact that an opinion on what is considered to be intrinsically pleasurable during discretionary time varies. This diversity amongst individuals is what greatly influences growth within a community, a family, and even in one’s personal affairs. In hypothetical situation, if recreation, leisure...

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course notes conflict recreation

various personal meanings assigned to an activity. differences in personal meanings assigned to an activity, 2. Resource Specificity: The significance attached to using a specific recreation resource for a given recreational experience. differences in the level of significance attached to using a specific recreation resource, 3. Mode of Experience: The varying expectations of how the natural environment will be perceived. c) differences in expectations of the natural environment, 4. Lifestyle...

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PASS Lifestyle, Leisure and Recreation

Lifestyle, Leisure and Recreation – Assessment Task Introduction: The recreation and leisure activities present in our world today are differ from what generations 100 years ago participated in. Our physical environment is changing continuously under the effect of natural, cultural and economic systems which influence people’s lifestyles. As lifestyles change, peoples’ way of spending their leisure time, and leisure activity preferences, also change. Urban open public spaces such as parks seem...

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Culture Globalization and Its Impact on Recreation Culture

knowledge and recreation aspects which help to develop the social and national positive aspects . thus it's important to analyze the common recreational cultural to the most important group of people groups and also know the impact of the new social phenomenon on this culture to Evaluate according to nationality values and habits . no doubt that the cultural globalization is most important and critical world phenomenon impact on culture of youth generally and in their recreation culture especially ...

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Qualitative Study of Reasons for (Non) Participation in Physical Recreation

Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management 1002HSL Introduction to Research Assessment 1 Qualitative Study of Reasons for (Non) Participation in Physical Recreation Part 1a) Introduction: The objective of this qualitative study is to investigate and compare the responses of single and married women that do not participate in physical recreation. Lack of physical activity from married and single women has been studied less extensively than men’s physical activity. (Vehoef, Love & Rose 2003)...

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Recreation and Summer

[Can you help me come up with a hook for this story?] Summer is a great time of the year for every person younger than eighteen because it is a time of year you have little to no responsibilities. You can sleep in, relax, hang out with friends or just do whatever you want all summer long. These are the reasons I love summer. My summer this year has been great because there was always something to do, whether it was playing games, to going to seeing a movie, to hanging out with friends. The...

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This essay explains the benefits of recreation in society and on the body. It is in full MLA format alond with works cited page. It was a graduation requirement, so i put alot of time into it.

Recreation We've all heard it before, "Personal recreational activities involves those actions that relax, refresh, and rejuvenate us" - yet how much do we truly gain from these activities? Recreation is a healthy part of each individual's own life and can be enjoyed by everyone. The benefits of recreation are not only positive to the community of today, but to the society of tomorrow. The positive outlook on recreation is unlimited and endless in our world. There are great things that not only...

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Health Care Organizations

is the director and head of the Park and Recreational department. Under supervision, with some latitude for independent action or decision, Mike is responsible for programs of recreational activities. Mike is responsible for six divisions: parks, recreation, forest trees, central business districts, government building and cemetery. To attain this title, Mike achieved is Bachelor’s degree and then went on to achieve his Master’s degree from Northern Colorado. Some of the physical activities performed...

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primarily residential and has a relatively wealthy population. Its recreational facilities and parks, about 180 acres (73 ha), are all accessible to the public. The village has an elected local government, with departments including police, fire, recreation, and public works (Village Hall pictured). A 2012 study found it had  and Chilmark. In the precolonial era, the area was inhabited by a band of the Wappinger tribes of Native Americans. In the early 19th century, the area was known as Whitson's...

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Leisure and Sandlot

"The Sandlot" After watching "The Sandlot", and learning about the concepts of leisure, recreation and play there are many examples of each throughout the movie. "The Sandlot" is a story of a boy, Scotty Smalls who moves into a new neighborhood with his mom and his step dad, Bill. As a new kid in town he is often seen inside but one day he discovers that there is a group of kids in the neighborhood that go a to lot every morning to play baseball. This very special lot was called the...

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Expenses of an Adventure Recreational Activity: Mountain Biking in Putrajaya Challenge Park

*corresponding author: syamsulhma@putra.upm.edu.my, syamsulherman@gmail.com, Abstract Estimates of recreation visitor spending provide inputs to economic analyses and help to identify the economic linkages between the recreational use of forest and its users. Using data collected through survey, this paper determines the type of expenditure of mountain bikers in Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP). PCP is a recreation area that provides facilities for adventure recreational activities especially mountain biking...

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Ideal Community to Me

house in it but also for others who view its system and functioning from outside as well. For this following facts are needed to be considered and worked upon • Demographics And Psychographics. • Location • Government • Recreation • Law and order • Health, social & spiritual needs • Education • Commerce or transportation Demographics And Psychographics: The individuals settling in my ideal community can belong to any age group, sex and ethnicity...

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ADA Sports Management

established by the ADA and this paper will discuss the precedent cases in recreation. The disabled individual while participating in recreational sports has the right to take part in the most joined setting. This is characterized in the U.S. Division of Justice guidelines as the setting in which connection between individuals with and without disabilities is given to the greatest degree credible. As a result, each and every recreation and sport opportunity that is offered for individuals without having...

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Tourism Overview

| 15th -16th week | God loving and socially responsible | Explain and analyze the meaning & different views of recreation and leisure.Discuss the factors promoting the growth of recreation. | X. Recreation and Leisure | * Group presentation and documentation of recreation and leisure experience. * Submission of reaction paper | * Power point presentation on recreation and leisure. * Educational trip | Principles of tourism part II(Updated edition)Zenaida L. Cruz, Ph.d | 17th week...

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What is the important of Leisure and what are it function?

much energy, allowing the body to effectively break. 3. Improve Your Quality of Life Finding balance is also a reason why leisure and recreation can enhance your quality of life. Physical recreation, in particular, is associated with improved self-esteem. In addition, you're more likely to feel satisfied about your life when you regularly take part in recreation activities. This has significant implications for your mental health and, in turn, your physical health. 4. Leisure Lowers Stress and...

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Thai International Travel Fare 2011: Overview

boutique. 3. CG Zone contains magazine, travel equipment, hotel, spa, and OTOP products. 4. Plaza Zone contains car rental, cruises, and low cost airlines. Recreation There are several recreations in Thai International Travel Fair 2011 in outbound and domestic tourist attraction. Example by following: 1. Recreation in Taiwan such as Yehliu is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan, A distinctive feature of the cape is the hoodoo stones that dot its surface. Yangmingshan National Park...

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Tutorial One

contribution to tourism studies Geography Spatial analysis of where tourism develops and why Ecology The impact of tourism on the natural environment Agricultural studies The significance of rural tourism to rural diversification Parks and recreation Recreation management techniques in natural areas such as national parks used by tourists Urban and regional planning The planning and development of tourism Marketing The marketing of tourism Law The legal framework and implications for tourists and...

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indoor activity vs outdoor activity

offer a more complete recreation and renewal, which can refresh me up. Admittedly, indoor activities are fun. There's no doubt that indoor activities like reading a book, watching TV or listening to music can bring us lots of joy. My involvement in those static activities indeed helps me release my complex emotion and relax my mind. Further, being worn out in working, I can take a rest when immersing myself in those activities. However, being outdoor seems to allow recreation to happen more easily...

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Tourism and Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Environment

cultural heritage is a key precondition for local development and ecotourism. Conservation is important for all sorts of reasons – from conservation of biological diversity, cultural heritage and landscapes to public health benefits of outdoor recreation. The scale of the challenge is very great. For example, today we are losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. At the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, countries agreed to “reduce the loss of biodiversity within 2010”. The...

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those who interested to experience on having the outdoor and recreational activities. Drawing on our diverse backgrounds, we developed a proposal that promises to create a Recreation trip for MSU student including outsider’s .We would like to create an opportunity for our MSU students to examine the recreation in Malaysia especially to understand the unique of the place and attraction places in Gopeng perak. Above all, we share a passion for student that we would like to share. Objective ...

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Tda 2.16 Support Children and Young People with Play and Leisure

Play and recreation activities can play a significant role in fulfilling the child’s right to “the highest attainable standard of health” and to “preventive health care”, Article 23 gives children with disabilities the right to recreation and the fullest possible social integration and individual development. Article 30 states that children of ethno-cultural minorities, or of indigenous origin, have the right to enjoy their own culture, which would include their own forms of play/recreation. Article...

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Personal Inventory

Course: EDRD 3500 Date: Jan. 27, 2012 Personal Leisure Inventory Leisure and recreation is an important part in everyone's day to day life. If you look at a typical persons schedule, they sleep for 8 hours and work/go to school for 8 hours. What does a person do for the rest of the 8? This is where leisure and recreation kicks in. Leisure is time spent away from work, business, or school and recreation is a specific activity done in leisure time. I will be sharing my own leisure inventory...

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Leisure Activities

care, as well as fostering self-determination and social support.  However, recreational and leisure activities may also be central to feeling connected to community life. Research has consistently indicated that physically and socially active recreation and leisure activities are related to a higher quality of life in the general population, as well as in people with various disabilities.  This is especially true of activities that help people feel a part of neighborhood life, including such simple...

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Identify and Discuss the Relative Strengths and Weaknesses of the Principal Formal Definition(S) of the Industry Sector Central to Your Programme of Study

statistical experts at the League of Nations in 1937, of Hunziker and Krapf in 1941, of the International Union of Official Travel Organisations (IUOTO) in 1968, of the Tourism Society of England in 1976 and from the International Conference on Leisure-Recreation-Tourism in Cardiff in 1981. To begin with working on the exercise mentioned in the headline one should at first understand which aspects are important in a definition of tourism and where there are still problems of defining tourism...

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leisure in greek and roman

for everybody to come and enjoy. The ancient Greeks developed the art of town planning to a high level and customarily made expensive provisions for small parks, gardens, open air theatres, baths, exercise grounds, and stadiums (Richard Kraus, Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society pg124). This shows us the city was constructed to connect with nature which make leisure very easy to come across. Leisure activities were free for any Greek people and were allowed to enjoy leisure in their own time...

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Enchanted Kingdom: the Magic Is Here

recreational activities. Threat of substitutes is relatively high because of the existence of malls, movie houses and Splash Island. 6. Marketing Mix or Marketing Strategies Product The core benefit of the product is to provide leisure, recreation, and entertainment to the costumers. Aside from providing its basic product of providing rides, parks and shops, EK achieved its expectations from the customers. Price To boost guest attendance during the lean months, the management decided...

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Enchanted Kingdom Case study

expenses - Fluctuating demands all throughout the year - Negative responses of the disappointed customers - Competition from other recreational establishments such as malls. c. Strengths - Pioneer theme park - world-class themed leisure, recreation and entertainment - Seven ‘fantastic’ theme zones - Spacious land - Accessible to public (close to Metro Manila) - Rides imported from United States, Germany, and Japan. - With musical entertainment (popular guest bands and in-house bands)...

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Entertainment Is Something Which Distracts Our Daily Life Routine

Entertainment has many forms that are endless but the main agenda is to divulge us from the daily patterns of life .In the resent generation people have been looking for better and easier ways to forge a living in a simpler manner, therefore making recreation or entertainment the most available solution to releasing them from never-ending stress and responsibilities in their daily lives (Herbert, 1946). Entertainment diverts our thoughts to moments of laxity and less care to our worries and anxieties...

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Definition of Sport

agencies. References Rodgers B (1977) Rationalising Sports Policies; Sport in the Social Context: Technical Supplement, Council of Europe, Strasbourg Adapted from ‘Economics of Sport and Recreation’ Chris Gratton and Peter Taylor: E and FN Spon Evaluating the Role of Sport and Recreation in Society Mapping of outcomes for the above unit Click to view PowerPoint presentation Revision The questions in the quiz are based on information which can be found on the links provided...

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EDRD 3500

on the recreational benefits and recreational constraints on children living in rural areas throughout Canada in recreational activities. It will examine both the physical and psychological benefits that recreation provides for children living in rural areas. For this paper, the term ‘recreation’ will refer to any activity that includes physical activity as well as various activities that promote a child to ‘play’. Background Information The population of children in Canada between the ages of 0...

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An Introduction to Tourism Supply

and the culture of the area that make tourism successful - such as the history, literature, friendliness, courtesy and welcoming spirit. Hall, C. M. and S. J. Page. 1999. The Supply of Recreation and Tourism. New York, Routledge. Second Edition: 89-130. This chapter situates the question of the supply of recreation and tourism within the research agenda of the geographer. In particular the geographer is concerned with studying: the locational characteristics associated with the supply of different...

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What Motivates Tourists

destination. There are many factors which play the role of the driving force behind a tourist’s motivation to travel. The two main purposes for travelling are broken down into pleasure and business. The motives behind travelling for pleasure include recreation, relaxation, new experiences, cultural interests, and shopping. Some motives behind travelling for business include meetings and conventions, consulting and, sales and operations (Goeldner, & Ritchie, 2012). There are many motivations behind travelling...

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OF NAIROBI TOURISM ATTRACTIONS AND FACILITIES. CTO 103 GACHII JOSEPH KAGIRI: C01/0270/2015 ROLES OF TRANSPORT IN PROMOTING TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN KENYA. 31/3/2015 Tourism can be defined as the act of travel for the purpose of recreation, business and enjoyment of various services provided. Transport can be defined as the act of carrying people, goods or services from one part to another. When considered from tourism perspective, transport can be defined as the act of carrying tourists...

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Tourism Components and Supply

components of tourism that will determine the success of tourism. While the demand aspect of publicly provided recreation and tourism-related have long held the spotlight of research, the supply or production side remains inexact and relatively unexplored. Example we focus on supply components of recreational resources and their link with tourism incidence in Wisconsin. The supply of recreation and tourism is a complex combination of natural amenities, recreational sites, access, and private sector...

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Sports Tourism

sport marketing and sport management perspective, it consists of two broad categories of products: a) sports participation travel (travel for the purpose of participating in a sports, recreation, leisure or fitness activity); and b) sports spectatorial travel (travel for the purpose of spectating sports, recreation, leisure or fitness activities or events considering the international sports coverage of the event for sports magazine.) Today, tourism is the world’s number one industry while...

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Research Proposal

and behavior. Tourism in rural areas offers the potentials for alternative, individual and more authentic tourism experiences satisfying the needs of the experienced and highly demanded “new” tourists. In addition there is a demand for tourism and recreation activities in the countryside that is different than that of traditional resorts and mass tourism destinations. Traditional tourism development, concentrated in coastal and mountain resorts, urban and cultural centers, has proven that tourism can...

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Midterm 1 Study Guide- incomplete

we have discussed in lecture with specific details from both lecture and readings. Colonial Recreation and Leisure: How did changing Anglo-American attitudes about work, labor, and leisure in the 1600s and 1700s shape the recreational practices of colonial America? What does Nancy Struna mean by the “leisure preference,” and how does she believe it influenced attitudes about sport, recreation, and play in Anglo-America in the 1600s and 1700s? Be aware of significant regional differences in...

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Introduction to Tourism

out Recreation Shopping Sight seeing VFR * 17. Purposes of Travel Visiting Friends or Relatives Primary activities Socialising Dining in Home entertainment Secondary activities Dining out Physical recreation Shopping Sight-seeing Urban entertainment * 18. Purposes of Travel Other personal business Primary activities Shopping Religious visit Medical appointment Secondary activities Dining out VFR * 19. Purposes of Travel Pleasures Primary activities Recreation Sight-seeing...

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Leisure Mapping Essay

In contrast, active leisure time is the time spent on leisurely activities that require the use of physical or mental abilities such as playing sports or socializing. For the purpose of clarity, the term active leisure time will be referred to as recreation time in this paper as both terms encompasses similar meanings. From Sunday, January 6th to Saturday, January 12th, a large portion of my time was spent sleeping, attending classes or studying. On average, roughly eighteen hours per day were spent...

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hedonizing technologies

Leisure (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) In the book Hedonizing Technologies: Paths to Pleasure in Hobbies and Leisure, author Rachel P. Maines examines how an activity such as needlework shifts from industrial production to recreation. Technologies formally associated with necessary work and productivity such as gardening, needlework, hunting, cooking, and others, have gradually evolved into recreational activities and hobbies. As a result, the technologies associated with these...

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1001hsl Reflective Essay

not getting it because he wanted to become an instructor and do that as a job. The third concept of leisure is attitude, this is a state of mind which vary from one person to another. According to psychologist John Neulinger(as cited in Leisure, Recreation, Play and Flow, p. 5)“Leisure has one and only one essential criterion, and that is the condition of perceived freedom”. The main point from this concept is to be unhurried and have free time but as I just said before it is different depending on...

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gorgeous hotel to get refresh which can make you feel alive. A fantastic spa will be the best medicine to heal all your tire. Why don’t you have a good trip to cheer yourself up once again, you can vote yourself to work better after all those amazing recreation you have enjoyed. Third, to satisfy our curiously, we like to travel around the world, on one hand, we can have chance to feel totally different culture in other parts of the world. On the other hand, we can visit those most brilliant and unforgettable...

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Resort: Tourism Industry

Science in Tourism Management By Jean D. Panganiban Reggie G. Gopez INTRODUCTION WHAT IS RESORT - Resort is a place to spent holiday for relaxation and recreation so that, one can give themselves a leisure time. Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort defines resort as place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose. One can go and swim in resort, can have lunch, can go just to pass time and plan an overnight stay. Artist can complete their portrait, novelist...

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Entertainment Project

nightlife at Bars, Pubs and nightclubs. Outdoor dining in Fiji is one of the main sources of entertainment with an influx of people across the world have a taste of indigenous fresh seafood. Watersports in Fiji is one of the most enjoyable forms of recreation as well as entertainment in Fiji. 183 In addition, entertainment helps boost the economy for an individual and for Fiji as a whole. Through entertainment other countries may sponsor Fiji in the course of sports. The government...

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Business Tourism- Main Characteristics , Benfits and Problems Facing the Industry

primary and secondary activities. Primary one are business (work) related, and included activities such as consultations, inspections, and attending meetings. Secondary ones are related to tourism (leisure) and include activities such as dining out, recreation, shopping, sightseeing, meeting others for leisure activities, and so on. While the primary ones are seen as more important, the secondary ones are nonetheless often described as "substantial". Business tourism can involve individual and small...

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Theme Park

Washington City Land Institute theme park may be bring up the land price as three or four times. Reference Agarwal, S. (1992). The resort cycle revisited: implications for resorts. In: Cooper, C.P. and Lockwood, A. (eds). Progress in Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality Management. Vol. 5. Chichester: Wiley, pp.194-208. Bramwell, B. (2003). Maltese Responses to Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research 30(3):581-605....

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Leisure Industry

| |[pic] | |Average weekly household expenditure on main commodities & services | The second highest category of spending was recreation and culture, at £57.90 a week. This includes TVs, computers, newspapers, books, leisure activities and package holidays. On average, £12.30 a week was spent on package holidays abroad, compared with £0.90 a week on package holidays in the UK. These...

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Tourism Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of recreation and business, and the provision of services for this act. Tourists are persons who are "travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited" (official UNWTO definition). A more comprehensive definition would be that tourism is a service industry. Many...

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"Wellness Travel: Shaping America's Health & Economy" Report Released by Wellness Tourism Worldwide

America's Health & Economy" outlining who should be involved and why*: • Medical professionals & wellness practitioners who understand the value of vacations in promoting mental health, physical activity and social engagement • Parks and recreation professionals and outdoor outfitters who value nature's solution to a sedentary and urbanized lifestyle • Museums, cultural attractions and organizations that understand art's important role to engagement, innovation, creativity and emotional...

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Water Parks

Fun' at the 6th Wheels ‘n' Heels Family Fun Day, taking place on Friday 8th February at the Museum of Islamic Art Park on the Doha Corniche. Launching Qatar's premier community event of the year during a press conference at the Qatar Foundation Recreation Center, Board Member H.E Dr. Sheikha Aisha bint Falah Al Thani was joined by representatives from Wheels ‘n' Heels 2013 Flagship Sponsor Maersk Oil Qatar and Leadership Sponsor Commercial Bank Qatar to launch the annual event which encourages Qatar...

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Tourism 101

business and research purposes. It is important to know where people live. 4. Purpose of travel. Seven purposes: 1. Visiting friends and relatives 2. Conventions, seminars and meetings 3. Business 4. Outdoor recreation – hunting, fishing, boating & camping 5. Entertainment – sightseeing, theater, sports 6. Personal, family-medical, funeral, wedding 7. Others 5. Modes of Transportation a. Land b. Sea c. air ...

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Role of Leisure Activities for a Person's Well-Being

leisure activities 2.1 Identify with the individual their recreational needs, preferences and interests Always have in mind minimizing of risk and overcome difficulties (health and safety, environment, equipment, others involved) When choosing recreation activities, children, youth and adults with disabilities may need to first spend some time identifying what it is they would like to do: Based upon what I know about a person, develop an informal schedule I can use with them that will provide information...

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Culminating Project - Business Plan

the assignment survey, I met a couple of persons at a private bar who were regulars at the recreation center. After talking to them, I found out that they believed that since they work out at the gym, the bad effects of smoking and drinking would come down. Scientifically, I am not sure whether this is true but this is indeed the belief with most of the kids these days. I would like to name my recreation center as “The Kid Club”. The main objective for me to open this recreational center is to...

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Leisure Essay

Factors affect on my Leisure and Recreation By Ali Qasim Barlas Monday February 25th 2013 212494159 Section A Ms. Khushboo Vora Tutorial 17 Leisure Mapping Essay 2012-2013 KINE 1000 6.0 Socio-cultural Perspectives in Kinesiology York University Almost everyone has some kind of leisure time whether it is a couple hours or a couple days. What varies is the type of recreational activities people choose to do during that time. Although leisure and recreation is chosen based on ones unique...

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tourism, leisure, and recreation are so closely related, it is necessary to search for literature under all these titles to discover the contributions of various fields. Geographers were instrumental in starting both the Journal of Leisure Research and Leisure Sciences. Another journal, Tourism Geographies, was launched in February 1999 with the aim of providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of geographic perspectives on tourism and tourismrelated areas of recreation and leisure studies...

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Introduction to Tourism Marketing

promote tourism opportunities in their areas and align their efforts to assure consistency in product quality. The marketing strategy, or mix, should be viewed as a package of offerings designed to attract and serve the customer or visitor. Recreation and tourism businesses and communities should develop both external and internal marketing mixes for different target markets. The external marketing mix includes product/service, price, place/location, and promotion. We must recognize...

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Leisure and Recreation

Benefits of Recreation Recreation is essential in everyone’s life; it is a special time set aside to do something exciting. There are many benefits which associate with recreation, expert’s advice that one takes time aside from one’s busy schedule to do something which benefits the body, soul and mind. Recreation is a wonderful time to breakaway from everyday routine like work and school. Leisure activities can help improve Family bond, Psychological and Physical needs. Leisure activity is...

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Influence of Recreation

managing employee recreation. American Council on Exercise (2000), contends that creating some leisure time in the course of the day allows employees to recharge themselves psychologically and emotionally and this can lead to improved job performance. There is increased involvement in leisure activities and wellness programmes by companies in a bid to promote employees’ physical and mental health. According to Taylor (2008), the demand for man made additional resources for recreation is greater...

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Tourism Definitions

following; 1. “…tourism should be defined conceptually as those aspects of leisure-time behaviour and their consequences which occur as a result of temporary trips away from the home environment and which are motivated exclusively by a concern for recreation matters.” (Heeley, 1980) 2. “…tourist as someone travelling for any purpose except commuting to and from work…” [ (Hunt & Layne, 1991) ] 3. “…Tourism appears to be becoming an acceptable term to singularly describe the activity of people...

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