Fast Food Nation

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Fast Food Nation
Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser is an informative book on how fast food has taken an important place in our country, and how our country depends on it to run functionally. Schlosser uses facts and his own opinions, along with biographies to better explain fast food. The book describes the way fast food came into our country, and how it gradually grew into the nation’s top industry. It also shows how chain stores like McDonald’s target children through their advertisement. The book unravels secrets about fast food and how it cannot be removed. The book starts of by saying that fast food started with hot dog and hamburger stands in California, and now is spread all over the world and fills every single available space. It also says that fast food restaurants were created by businessmen that did not attend college. This was surprising considering that these restaurants make millions of dollars every week and are well known throughout the world. The book also said that fast food restaurants like McDonald’s target children through T.V. and that they watch about thirty thousand T.V. commercials and that almost half of these are fast food restaurant commercials. Schlosser also tells us how steer are killed and processed for the hamburgers that we eat when we eat fast food. It sounds like it is inhumane and it shows you how dangerous and gory the scene is. Schlosser uses facts and his own opinions to show us the process. Many people die in the meat processing industry and the government is doing little to prevent or fix the problems. In conclusion, the amount of power that fast food companies have is extraordinary. They are depended on by many other industries in many ways in cooking, cleaning, and processing. Schlosser has exposed many of the things that were unknown about the fast food industry, and they will make you think the next time you eat out in this fast food nation.
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