For the Sake

Topics: Pampanga, Central Luzon, Luzon Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: January 14, 2013
1.) vision mission goals?nature of business,location of the establishment, owners of the entrprise and their personal background? And organizational chart.

Vission: To expand businesses troughout the Philippines
Mission: To create more jobs and employment for the people
Goals: To create more products to satisfy people
Baking sweets was Ms. Serrano’s hobby. Back then, she only gave them to her co-workers as gifts and goodies. After some time, her co-workers and friends started to love her works so they thought of ordering more from her. Until such time that she thought of making it a business. It was first established 13 years ago, year 1999, through hard work, perseverance and determination, she finally perfected her product which became the foundation of her business from a small oven to now multiple branches from Central Luzon to NCR, now Pines Brownies and Delicacies’ product are spread throughout.

2.) The strengths , weakness, opportunities and threats of the company?

Consistency in manufacturing products | Facility Layout is inflexible tantamount to increased volume of orders| Attending Trade Fair| Product Imitation| Hardworking Workers| | | Packaging Imitation|

Researchers pov
Well known for its originality| Has slow process in manufacturing new products| Open to innovation| Many business in the same category are established near the companies location|

3.) Primary and secondary Target market
Pastries lovers around the province of Pampanga

People from different provinces visiting Pampanga just for the product

4.) Company Competitors?
No competitors are being considered by the management because of high confidence in her products.

5.) Product, prices, places and promotion?
Brownies = 115
Marble = 115
Butterscotch = 115
Assorted = 115
Crinkles = 55
Tarts = 50
Food For the...
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