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Topics: Furniture, Great Depression, Decorative arts Pages: 4 (1963 words) Published: September 25, 2014
1. Review the company’s strengths and weaknesses. What are the short-term and long-term implications of its internal environmental conditions? Herman Miller produced its first office furniture in 1942 by a man Gilbert Rhode, he died 2 years after the design was made and De Pree had to find a new designer then he hired George Nelson as Herman’s first designer. Herman miller is a 1.3 billion dollar manufacturer that produces office furniture. It is one of only four organizations and the only non-high technology that was selected for Fortune magazines “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Herman Miller has a rich legacy, they go back to 1905 and the Star Furniture Company which was a manufacture of traditional bedroom suites. In 1909 it was renamed Michigan Star Furniture and hire D.J Pree as a clerk then he became president. His father in law bought majority of the shares and in honor of that he named the company Herman Miller. This is where strength comes in because they are loyal to their employees and De Pree was committed to treating all of his employee’s individuals. They are lead innovators; they have to make sure that they are keeping up with what everyone expects from them which requires intense research. Early in the history of Herman Miller, it survived the Great Depression, which is saying a lot considering that the Depression was the biggest economical tragedy to date. In 2000 Herman Miller started off with record high profits and sales in 2000 2001. One of their strengths was when they offered and Employee Stock Option Plan. This gave employees a sense of empowerment because they knew that they had a hand in the company. In 2010 Herman Miller published their long practiced organizational values on a website “What We Believe.” These are used for uniting employees and building relationships and also contributing to communities. These principles that Herman Miller go by are some of their biggest strengths. Curiosity and exploration, they are a research...
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