HRM 598 Phase 1 final

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Team A Submission of Phase I

What is the business—technical, professional, service, and so forth? Create your business and give it a name. (Robert) Business type: Service- providing the service of coffee beverages. Business name: Java House Café

Start developing a description of the organization (goals, strategy, culture, values, location, environment, and product or service). (Robert) Goals: Becoming a competitive and well-known coffee shop that is recognized for excellent product/services and friendly atmosphere. Provide a positive contribution to the local economy, environment and community. Strategy: Hire competent and positive staff members while ensuring to provide the most honest product and service possible. Become ingratiated within the local community and gain an encouraging word-of-mouth promotion- In providing an honest product, there is a confidence that customers will become promoters by sharing their positive experience with others (i.e. word-of-mouth) Culture: Java House Café provides a welcoming and hospitable vibe to our customers. The overall culture provides a feeling of pleasure and willingness to go an extra step. Although relaxed, there is still a cultural sense of structure and attentiveness to provide the best service possible. Values: Create a positive and culturally friendly work environment for employees indicating that they are a valued and significant part of the company. Provide a welcoming and hospitable environment while delivering an amazing product and service to customers; and remain environmentally friendly using green sustainable products. Location: San Jose, California

Environment: Casual elegance- this allows for a comfortable and delightful experience. Comparable to a main stream Starbucks franchise while also giving the impression of a local favorite. Product or Service: Providing coffee beverage services.

Establish a staffing plan. Determine the positions needed. There is to be a minimum of 35...
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