Examples Of Why Not Go To College Essay

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Alexander cruz

One does not have to go to college to be successful. There are many factors that can influence a person to go to college. Whether that be personal or otherwise.according to many new york times articles there is a great number of reasons people decide to go to college. Alot of debates have heated up saying that college is not for everyone, not all people should go to college, because of many things. Like for instance, college only increases debt, and is not necessary for most jobs, and it doesnt guarantee a good job.

Most people go to college because they want a good job or they are obligated to attend due to family status or its just a family tradition to attend college. Others do it for the thrill or the experience of it all. But the simple fact remains as stated by david leonhardt, too many teenagers are not ready for college level work. There are some though who think otherwise. For instance, david autor, who states, “not sending them to college would be a disaster” or “sending young americans to college is not a panacea”. It is an ever going argument that has lasted a century.
The thing though, about the argument against college is that it encourages people and...

According to a one Julio lagurre, Former athletic swimmer and medal holder, “ you dont have to go to college to be successful”. I interviewed him about his college experience and his insight on the begging question, is it worth it? He had a few bleak outlooks on the whole thing. The first question was what did you do to prepare for college? He replied that he did his best to study and ended up getting a scholarship into a good college for his achievements in swimming. His preparation was then halted by a big personal tragedy. He attended for about a year, then stopped for personal reasons. He is a firm believer in the fact that one does not have to attend college to be...
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