Who Shouldn T Go To College Analysis

Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: March 28, 2018

In her article, “Who Shouldn't Go to College,” Judith Scott-Clayton explains whom should not go to college and why. At the beginning of the article Scott- Clayton informs readers that the reasons as too why a person should not go to college country too Rick Santorum approve too not attending college to pursue technological training. The Author contradicts Santorum's approve by stating, “But most vocational training, and even some highly specific job training, now occurs on community and technical college campuses.” This simple fact greatly reduces the number of excuses presented by Santorum for people not to go to college. There are numerous skilled trade programs at the college, and a person who attends them will be considered either a part...

For college to have any payoff, students must participate in the process by going to class and engaging with course materials, peers and instructors.

The cost of college includes not just monetary costs but psychological costs, which are highest for those who either strongly dislike classroom instruction or must work particularly hard to get anything out of it. Individuals with high psychological costs who enroll anyway because that is what they believe they “should” do may end up with the worst of both worlds: foregoing income (and possibly accumulating debt) without accumulating skills.

Scott-Clayton makes many valid points here. The cost to attend college in terms of monetary value is outrageous. On average, 66% of college students graduate with debt from student loans. For many people repaying these loans will take all their life. There is also the possibility the college students could run out of money before completing college and must drop out. This is just monetary costs but as stated there are also psychological...

This brings up the question as to why many people would so plan to go to college. This is also answered by the Survey data retrieved by the federal Department of Education. It is stated, “some of these students may aspire to college in the same way that many of us aspire to exercise: it is something they would like to have done but not something they would like to do.” In simpler terms, they would like to receive the benefits without doing the work. This solves the reason as to why so many high school students plan to go to college. Having a degree is an excellent key to the workforce, but the process of achieving it is very tedious. However, students will still face it to get the...
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