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Formal Assignment 2

1. Compare and contrast the differences between level three and level two Quality Credit Framework qualifications and who they might be suitable for. 2. Discuss the similarities and differences of the job of the midwife and health visitors. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multi agency working. 4. Write a personal care development.

1. Introduction to level three and level two QCF qualifications.

These qualifications are designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to care for others in a broad range of health or social care settings.

A Diploma in Health and Social Care is flexible to suit all fields of health and social care. Learners can select a pathway that suits their role - for example, working with people with a learning disability, people with dementia or children and young people.

This is the main qualification required by the Quality Care Commission in England and the Care Councils in Wales and Northern Ireland. These are the recognised qualifications for care workers and senior care workers in health and social care. To take the Level 3 qualification, you must be working in a care setting already. For the Level 2 qualification, you may have no previous experience, or you might be working in care and want recognition for your current skills. The differences between level 3 and level 2 and for who is suitable:

Level 2 QCC is qualification for care assistants and support worker who working in the care settings. The level 2 is a standard entry qualification. This level has to be assignment and checked by assessor.

The learner have to understand the knowledge of the course provider to gain more information about main topic. The learner must achieve a minimum of 46 credits to gain that qualification. The level 2 is suitable for people which the want to work as a care...
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