Explain how current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people.

Topics: Human rights, Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Childhood Pages: 6 (3893 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Unit 71, Outcome 1
Explain how current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people. Current legislation is the result of The children Act 1989 which was brought in to ensure that all people who work with children worked together and was clear about their responsibility’s and knew how to act if allegations of child abuse were made.Following the death of Victoria Climbie in the year 2000 an independent inquiry highlighted many problems with how reports of neglect and child abuse were dealt with and found that vulnerable people in society were not being safeguarded.The Laming report led to the governments Every Child Matters paper and The Children Act 2004. In the last year this has now been renamed Every Child Achieves, but pretty much has the same outcomes of Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic wellbeing. There is also The Children’s Plan 2020 Goals which outline guidelines that every child should be achieving by the year 2020.The main points of the 2004 Children act was that every local authority has a director of children's services who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that children are safeguarded. Local safeguarding boards were set up and children's wishes taken into account. Children's services now have a duty to safeguard children and to work together with a multi- agency approach to promote their welfare. The common assessment framework was introduced to identify children's needs.In 2009 the vetting and barring scheme was introduced, anyone working with children and vulnerable adults needs to have their personal information checked to prevent unsuitable people working in these areas. The scheme is now called the disclosure and barring service. Also residential care are governed by National Minimum standards which every child care support worker must work to and beyond and is over seen by OFSTED, who inspect twice yearly, one being the main inspection, where they will grade and give recommendations and a time frame for completition. The second inspection is called an interim inspection which looks that standards have not slipped and all recommendations have been fully enforced. Policies and procedures are continuously being reviewed and changed in light of new evidence coming to light or reviews of safeguarding cases. And these are often brought to the attention of work settings safe guarding leads who will implement them within that setting. All practitioners are also legally obliged to undertake mandatory training and to keep all training up to date. Describe the impact of social care standards and code of practise on work with children and young people. Codes of practise provide practitioners with guidelines on implementing the often complicated legislation that is set by government that affects children and young people’s practise. By working within these codes of practise, practitioners will remain within the law. For example the special educational needs code of practise 2006 was designed to be considered alongside the 2006 equality act and these provide practitioners with guidance about policy and procedures to enable them to ensure that pupils with special needs are able to fulfil their full potential. Codes of practise provide guidance and rules on was of implementing legislation and policy as well as guidance on professional standards of behaviour, such as The national minimum standards for residential care. Stoddard’s of practise identify what children and young people’ practitioners should do in different situations. Government charters identify entitlement to services and define national standards of care that people can expect to receive. Policies and procedures that produced by individual care providers also incorporate the legal framework of children’s and young people’s care and should be used in practise by all employees and volunteers. Explain the importance of the National Nations Convention...
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