Unit 2 Promote professional development

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Unit 2 Promote professional development
1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice It is essential, in order to provide a good quality of service and ensure best practise, that managers and their staff receive the relevant & regular mandatory training and updates. This training should be identified at the annual appraisal and then reviewed at supervision where positive/negative feedback can be given as appropriate to show how any training received is incorporated into the job role whereby improving knowledge skills and best practise. In addition to this, all new and unqualified staff must complete induction training to Skills for Care specification within six weeks of appointment. The learning achieved through this training will enable new employees to provide the required quality of service to the clients and therefore meet their needs as set out in their individual care plans. Not only is continual personal development training essential it is in line with legislation and The Essential Standards for Quality and Safety. 1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development There are numerous potential barriers to professional development such as; Personal (social, emotional barriers)

Time pressures (family or other commitments)
Time management
Financial barriers if self-funding/or barriers if the organisation do not have the funds for staff training Organisational barriers (staffing levels and not enough cover) Work pressures can I get the time off, will it increase my workload) Senior management may be unwilling to cooperate /promote CPD

Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development There are numerous different sources and systems of support for professional development. Here are some listed below; Appraisals and supervision sessions for 1-1 with line manager Colleagues/ supervisors/mentors can give advice and support

Team meetings for consultation and gaining information
Training courses/conferences
Organisational support for personal development that links with business plans/organisational goals Internet/library/media
Television/ news bulletins on reports/legislation
The organisational policy and procedure manual
The Care Quality Commission for advice/information
The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety manual
Codes of Practice (MCA and GSCC)
The advantages of team meetings is that there is chance for all staff members for active participation and them to have a creative discussion about any concerns or issues raised which then can be resolved as a team effectively. However, a disadvantage of this could be conflict or disagreement between staff members and this could make team meetings uncomfortable for other staff. In comparison to individual meetings such as supervisions with the manager one to one, this could be more effective as each individual has their own opinions and ideas that can be shared with the manager and also they feel more at ease maybe to talk individually then In a team as some staff maybe agree or disagree. The manager then has the ability to gather all information from each staff and make his final decision. A good supervision can assist the manager to get the best out of the staff. This can also improve the staffs understanding and their practice. The importance of supervision is also for building emotional resilience where the job can get very stressful and sharing your thoughts to the manager can be effective and assist with continuing your role. In comparison to team meetings this requires more time for organising the meeting and sending memos in advance ensuring all staff to attend however, individual supervisions can be called at any time during working hours.

1.4 Explain factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date Factors to consider:
Is the training relevant to the job role, for example if...
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