Evaluating Truth and Validity Exercise

Topics: Retirement, Middle age, Old age Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: October 25, 2014

Evaluating Truth and Validity ExercisePHL/458August 11, 2014Evaluating Truth and Validity ExerciseThe credit card habit promotes careless spending, particularly among young people. Therefore, credit card companies should not be permitted to issue credit cards to anyone under age 21. Not only can credit cards promote careless spending in young adults but adults as well. The world we live in today most times does not give us the luxury of living without credit card help. So how is it fair that we limit accessibility to the younger adults? The credit card companies should judge whether they give a credit card to each individual person; not all adults in that age category. We adults have all been raised differently; and if the parents to theses younger adults have instilled the right morals code and proper financial education; then the young adult should have no problem being responsible for his or her financial debt. To (Kristin, N.D.) validate this argument of what a responsible age for obtaining a credit card for a young adult is. The Legislation in 2010 put into effect that adults between the ages of 18 and 20 years old would have certain restrictions in regards to approval for their own credit card. The young adult is now required to have a co-signer on the account or have proof of sufficient income to pay the credit card bill when due. This insures the credit card company that even if the young adult does not be responsible and pay their bill the co-signer would then be responsible for any missed or late payments to the account. If at the age 18, our legal system considers us an adult. The legal system has given the right to legally work, vote, join the military, and die for our country. Then why should young adults not have the right get their own credit cards. A Disservice

A mature person is self-directing, so parents who make all their children’s decisions for them are doing their offspring a disservice. When parents decide to bring a child into this...
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