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Should the Age of Drinking Alcohol Be Lowered?

By llama143 Jan 13, 2013 446 Words
Note: I do not encourage underage drinking. I just picked this topic because I thought it was really interesting and would catch peoples attention.

Should the drinking age be lowered down to 18?

When your 18 years old you are considered an adult. You can be drafted, drive, and vote. You also have many of responsibilities. If eighteen year olds are responsible and mature then why can’t they buy alcohol? People say eighteen year olds can’t handle alcohol, because they make to many mistakes. If you start to drink at eighteen or twenty one your chances of making mistakes are still the same. No matter what age you start to drink, you don’t know how much you can handle until you start drinking. So when people say eighteen year olds make to many mistakes when they drink it’s only because they started drinking, just like a 21 year old will make mistakes when he or she starts to drink. Society uses teenagers as scapegoats for alcohol problems when it really doesn’t matter if your 17, 21 or 38 years old. Alcohol is still a serious problem on all people. It does not go away when you become 21 years old. It is a fact that many teenagers drink even though they are underage. Whether its at home, parties, or just at hang out places. People make all this mess about how easy teenagers can get to alcohol. If they lower the drinking age then twelve and thirteen year olds will be able to get alcohol even easier and start drinking at a even younger age, but according to statistics that's not true, because now 71% of 8th graders say it is easy for them to get alcohol. So it wouldn’t make a difference if the age was lowered. Now one of the biggest reasons why society feels 18 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to drink is because they're not mature enough. If that is the case, why can they be mature or responsible enough to vote for a person who is going to run our country, mature or responsible enough to fly an airplane or go to war for our country, and third... be mature and responsible enough to drive a vehicle which is a cause of many accidents and deaths in the world. If they can be mature enough for all those things... what makes alcohol so special? People like to say because you can make more mistakes with alcohol then those things. But like I said before it doesn’t matter what age you are when you first start to drink you are going to make mistakes, it is part of the learning process.

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