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While working with a adult who suffer's from ADHD and Dyslexia you can go through different aspect of satisfaction and also aspects that can cause problems and tension at work. The most satisfying feeling at the end of the day when it is time to go home and the person i am careing for has thurully enjoyed the day forgetting about the problems that persist on a daily basis. Human resource functions in an organization include everything that has to do with ‘people’, i.e., their recruitment, induction, retention, welfare, appraisal, growth, training, skill development, attitudinal-orientation, compensation, motivation, ect. Aspects at work that bring satisfaction

Good preparation - having a clear idea of what the day involves Interacting in good conversation
Solving problems helping him to overcome obsticles to help him understand different aspects that may be hard for him to understand Spontanious days out - being involved with the planning of the day Pay - adequacy of pay

Aspects of work that do not bring satisfaction
Same activities over and over again
Unorganised days out

I read that the motivation to investigate the degree of job satisfaction arises from the fact that a better understanding of employee satisfaction is desirable to achieve a higher level of motivation that is directly associated with patient satisfaction. Schermerhorn define job satisfaction as the degree to which individuals feel positive or negative about their jobs. It is an attitude or emotional response to one's tasks as well as to the physical and social conditions of the workplace. Job satisfaction is motivational and leads to positive employment relationships and high levels of individual job performance. Job satisfaction can be considered as a global feeling about the job or as a related constellation of attitudes about various aspects or facets of the job. The global approach and the facet approach can be used to get a complete picture of employees’ job satisfaction. The...
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