Google —— Human Capital is a Companies Most Precious Resource

Topics: Motivation, Organizational studies and human resource management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 6 (1914 words) Published: September 27, 2013

Organizational Behavior

Human Capital is a Companies Most Precious Resource

Google now has the first position as the most desirable place to work for graduates. In less than a handful of years, Google has developed to be a family of talent people around the world as a “recruiting machine”. The most valuable resource of a company is its people. This is indeed the case when it comes to search engine industry. While Baidu, the Chinese search engine company, is facing a number of strikes this year, Google kept being the most valuable brand name in the world due to their successful recruiting strategy. This report aims at analyzing the elements of success of Google so as to help Baidu solve its problem combing organizational behavior theory with Google’s case.

Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from an attitude and reaction towards one’s job as an important index measured by organizations. Satisfied employees tend to be more productive, creative and committed to their employers, and recent studies have shown a direct correlation between staff and consumer satisfaction. There is a variety of external and internal influences on job satisfaction including culture, management style, employee involvement and employees’ own expectation to their jobs. As we know that Google provide the prefect working condition and flexible benefits for their employees to increase their job satisfaction. We will analyze these elements in details in the following. The more important is that Google is always focusing on internal elements of job design to meet the high job expectation of their employees. According to the 2006 General Social Survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, the people who are the most satisfied with their work and thus with their life overall, are those in positions of helping other people, for the most part, or teaching, or professions in the creative realm. Google knows that most talented people are more satisfied with what recognition, achievement, advancement and responsibility they can get from the job not just money. The famous “20% time” work culture of Google is just aiming at making works more meaningful interesting, keeping continuously learning and challenges for employees and adding values of every job. On the basis of these measurements Google increase psychological job satisfaction of employees to attract and retain them. The first suggestion for Baidu is to think what they can give to their employees to increase their job satisfaction not just only what they can get from their employees.

We define motivation as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal. When experts explain the different aspects of motivation from an Organizational Behavior perspective, many different key aspects, theories, and implementation methods are used to describe this very large unique topic. Needs Theories

Some of the most famous theories of motivation stem from the Needs Theories which are motivation theories that specify the kinds of needs people have and the condition in which they would want to exemplify these needs. The famous basic one is Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. He hypothesized that within every human being there exists a hierarchy of five needs from lower-order to higher-order including Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem and Self-actualization need. So managers need to understand the level of employees’ needs to motivate them by focusing on satisfying their needs. Based on the Maslow’s theory, Alderfer's ERG Theory generalizes those needs into three new groups which are existence, relatedness and growth group to work together. At the same time, McClelland’s Theory of needs proposed to focus on three new needs: Achievement, Power and Affiliation. We will analyze Google’s motivation strategy...
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