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Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
Jane Singleton
PSY 428 Organizational Psychology
Laura fields

Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Definition of Job Satisfaction
The research of the definition of job satisfaction yielded a variety of the same version. Job satisfaction refers to the way an individual feels about his job. According to the encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, “job satisfaction is traditionally defined as a pleasurable or positive emotional state that results from one’s appraisal of one’s job or job aspects” (Parker, 2007, p.406). Job satisfaction is an outcome to an individual’s work life, which in turn can affect personal and organizational outcomes. Many factors affect job satisfaction, such as feelings over the workplace, coworkers, and job performance among others. According to author Sharon K. Parker, the three causes of job satisfaction are the situation, the person and the interaction between the situation and the person(2007). Organizational commitment can very well be instrumental to job satisfaction. Organizational commitment can be defined in many ways. Commitment can include simply fulfilling the organization’s goals through the way an individual behaves within an organization. Organizational commitment can be further be broken down into different types of involvement that include moral, calculative, and alienative involvement. The three types basically range from moral being a strong connection to organizational values to alienative which denotes those employees who are essentially there for a paycheck.

Depending on the type of involvement an individual has with an organization, it will greatly affect the extent to which they are satisfied with the job they perform. A strong commitment to an organization gives the employee an inherent stake in continuation and performance. In turn, when the results from the work are successful, job satisfaction shines through.

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