Essay Unit 204 Principles Of Safeguarding

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HSC unit 204 principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
1.1a this is where a carer physically harms a vunerable person this can be anything from slapping beating extreme restraint eg ties straps anything that could hurt a vunerable adult.
1.1b this is where a carer or person takes part in any type of a sexual act which the vunerable person does not consent to or is unable to consent to
1.1c psychological abuse is when the carer is rude or shouts and hurts the persons feelings bullying is another form also when the carer keeps the person away from other people eg friends family or anybody that has contact with the person also included under this is scaring the person
Emotional abuse is when the carer doesnt deal with the emotional needs of the person leaving them worried upset and lonely
1.1d Financial abuse is when the carer steals the persons money, misuses the persons money or property, also
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If you are promoting choice and rights of a person then that person is making thier own choices so that person can become more independant You can write their needs and wants in their individual care plans so everybody can then see what is required for that person and where safely done can be carried out. including how they want to communicate. their dislikes , likes ,what sort of food they like, if they like going out or would rather stay in, anything they require at all to make their life safe and comfortable and that they can lead a mostly independent life where possible..I f you have a good complaints procedure in place this makes it esier and less confusing for you to do what needs to be done to carry our the reporting of abuse and you will be more confident in doing

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