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Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Neglect Pages: 4 (821 words) Published: December 27, 2012
* Types of abuse.
* Correct action to take if you suspect an individual is being abused. * Correction action to take if an individual tells you their being abused. * How to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe.

* National policies that set out requirements for safeguarding individuals. * Local and organisational systems for safeguarding.
* Roles of different agencies and professionals that are involved in safeguarding. * Sources and advice, support and information to help social care workers understand their own role in safeguarding.

Types of abuse

Physical abuse
Physical abuse means when someone injuries you and causes pain. Example: hitting you, pushing you and biting you.
Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, becoming anxious, covering/hiding body parts, telling lies about how the bruises.

Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse means, when you don’t give consent to have sex and/or touching your private parts and/or them making you touch there private parts. Signs:
Aggressive behaviour, a sudden reluctance to be alone with a certain individual, withdrawn from previous enjoyable activates.

Emotional/Psychological abuse
Emotional/psychological abuse means when someone causes you mental distress, this may include name calling, making fun of you or blackmailing you to do something you feel uncomfortable to do. Signs:

Withdrawn, panicky, depression/isolation.

Financial abuse
Finance abuse is the theft of abuse and/or misuse of money and/or personal possession and/or using your money without your consent. Signs:
Unexplained withdraws, disappearance of bank statements, less food in the fridge, losing weight.

Self-neglect abuse
Self-neglect abuse means behaviour conditions is which an individual’s neglects their basic needs i.e. washing. Signs:
Bad personal hygiene, increase of smoking/drinking, losing weight, illness.

Institutional abuse
Institutional abuse occurs when the lifestyle of an...
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