Diploma Level 3 in Social Care

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Diploma level 3 in Health & Social Care
The following learning resources are for guidance/reference ONLY!!! Please do not copy, as your work may be rejected by your Assessor!!

The following ‘outcomes’, need to be met, to show your assessor competency of your work practices.

UNIT 5 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Outcome 1 Know how to recognise signs of abuse
The learner can:
a. Define the following types of abuse:
• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Emotional/psychological abuse
• Financial abuse
• Institutional abuse
• Self neglect
• Neglect by others
b Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse. c. Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse.

Outcome 2 Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse
The learner can:
a. Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused b. Explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they are being abused c. Identify ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved.

Outcome 3 Understand the national and local context of safeguarding and protection from abuse The learner can:
a. Identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from abuse b. Explain the roles of different agencies in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse c. Identify reports into serious failures to protect individuals from abuse d. Identify sources of information and advice about own role in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse.

Outcome 4 Understand ways to reduce the likelihood of abuse
The learner can:
a. Explain how the likelihood of abuse may be reduced by:
• working with person centred values
• Encouraging active participation
• promoting choice and rights
b. Explain the importance of an accessible complaints procedure for reducing the likelihood of abuse.

Outcome 5 Know how to recognise and report unsafe practices
The learner can:
a. Describe unsafe practices that may affect the well-being of individuals b. Explain the actions to take if unsafe practices have been identified c. Describe the action to take if suspected abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothing has been done in response.

Your assessor will ask you to complete workbooks, to cover each unit of this award, which will differ, depending on which awarding body is being used. Therefore, the guidance answers enclosed are based on the ‘outcomes’ for each unit, which will support your knowledge, and evidence for your award.

I hope you find this guidance useful for your award, and be a beneficial learning aid to your studies.




As a care/support/professional/worker, you are in a position of trust and the individual(s) you support will see you as more powerful than they are. All individuals you support can be vulnerable, and any betrayal of trust and power could be viewed as power over these individuals and seen as abuse. “No Secrets” is the Department of Health guidance sent out to all social care providers, local authorities, NHS and private and voluntary sectors. It defines a vulnerable adult as someone who is 18 or over:

“Who is or maybe in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness. And who is, or maybe unable to take care of his or herself or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation”.

There are different types of abuse:

PhysicalHitting, slapping, kicking
Sexual Unwanted advances, indecent exposure, harassment EmotionalIntimidation, blaming
FinancialMisappropriation of monies, not giving correct change Institutional Where a person is not treated as an individual NeglectInadequate care, denial of basic rights

Recognise Signs and Symptoms of Abuse and Neglect

Physical Abuse

Injuries that...
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