Case Study 2

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Case Study..

1. Explain what Actions to take if you have suspicions that Mr & Mrs J is being abused (2.1) It Is my role of duty of care to Safeguard Individuls from harm. All employees should report any concerns of abused they have. These might include evidence or suspicions of bad practice by colleagues and managers, Or abuse by another individual, Another worker or an individual's family or friends, If you do not work in this way, You could be considered negligent or incompetent. If you are in any doubt at any time, You must discuss any issues you have with your supervisor / Manager. Financial Abuse is another name for stealing or defrauding someone of goods and/or property. It is always a crime but is not always prosecuted. Sometime the issue is straightforward, for example a careworker stealing from an older person's purse, but at other times it is more difficult to address. This is because very often the perpetrator can be someone's son or daughter, or age prejudice means that other people assume it is not happening or that the older person is to blame The case study.

First steps would be to contact the branch manager, Its there role to contact the Police, And addvice you, your next steps.. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THATS SAID,

2. What would you do to make sure evidence of abuse is preserved? (2.3) Yet again write everything down, If you do ask the couple anything Write down what they say, Dont lead them, let them, tell you what they know, Dont touch anything, Dont touch the money, Lock the room up so noone can get in there.

3. Give Three pieces of local systems and /or national policies that would apply in a case like this (3.1) 1. CRB check) the Criminal Records Bureau check is undertaken to discover if a person has an existing criminal record in the UK. CRB... this is done yearly. 2 Safe Guarding Office

3 Care Quality Commission [->0]
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