English Language Testing

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, English language, Communicative competence Pages: 15 (4252 words) Published: December 11, 2012

An Evaluation of
English Language Testing
In the Secondary Level in Bangladesh

Semester: Fall
Module Leader: M. Akram Hossain akramhossain33@yahoo.com

ID No: 201120382(8th B)
(c)Asian University of Bangladesh
Statement of the Research Problem

The SSC students of East West School study compulsory English language course as part of the S.S.C. Examination. Besides, they learn and use English language as it is the medium of instruction of the School. But the attitude towards testing system of the SSC students of East West School has not been studied before. Thus it is of relevance to discover the attitudes of the target population towards testing system. But some teachers claimed that in a Communicative language test all the four skills are expected to be equally represented in test items. If any skill, which is an important aspect of the test construct, is given less importance in test construct than the other skills then the test is said to suffer from construct under-representation.

Objectives of the Study

The objective of the test of English language in the S.S.C. examination, as it has been specified in the curriculum, is to assess the communicative competence of the test in English. To be particular, the test is intended to measure the extent of expertise of the testees on the four basic language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the S.S.C level the test of ‘General English’ consist of two papers, Paper-I and Paper-II. Test item of Paper-I are based on seen text whereas the test items of Paper-II are based on unseen text.

Paper-I consist of three parts. They are ‘Part A: Reading Test’, which aims at testing the reading skill of students, ‘Part B; Vocabulary Test’, which aims at testing knowledge of students in English vocabulary, and ‘Part C: Writing Test’, which is designed to test their writing skill. Part A: Reading Test

In Paper-I of English in the S.S.C. Examination, the items from 1 to 8 are included in ‘Part A’ basically to test the reading skill of the testees. Item no.1 of this part contains a set of five multiple choice questions based on the reading text provided in the test paper.

The second item consist of true or false format. Five statements are given. The students are required to detect whether they are true or false and if any of them are found to be false, they are to provide the correct answer.

The third test item direct the testees to fill in each of the 10 gaps with a suitable word provided in a box of words, where there mor necessary words.

The fourth tese item of this part direct the testees to read the given passage and write a paragraph based on information presented there following the logical sequence of the text with the help of the cles given in box.

The fifth test item asks the testees to answer the five short question based on there understanding of the given reading text, in there own words.

The sixth question demands the testee to fill in 10 gaps with a suitable word foe each gap based on the information from the reading text.

The seventh test item instructs the testees to imagine themselves in a possible real life situation and write paragraph in about 70-80 words narrating their experience in that situation. This test item aims at testing their skill in comprehending the text as well as their creative skill in writing.

And the last test item of the ‘Part A’ asks the testees to skim the rearing text and write the main idea of the passage in five sentences using their own words.

Part B: Vocabulary Test
In, part...

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