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Teaching English As A Foreign Language

The acquisition of a new language can pose many difficulties to both the student, in learning the language, and to the teacher in communicating and teaching the language. The following essay attempts to outline some of these difficulties. One of the major factors affecting all students attempting to acquire a foreign language is the correlation of the new language and their native tongue. The degree of variation between the student’s native tongue and the English language can cause all kinds of problems...

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English as a Foreign Language Teaching in Hungary

primary schools and the secondary schools regarding how they teach the English language. I chose an ordinary city school to visit in Vac. First of all, inasmuch as I am much more interested in teaching grammar school – aged students than children in their early years I was curious about how do the elder students get along with the language learning. Secondly, in my future plans I put at a highlighted place the prospect of teaching in a grammar school therefore I wanted to know what I would face if...

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What Should Teaching English As A Foreign Language?

thousand five hundred million people worldwide speak English, of whom three hundred seventy five million are native speakers (McKay 2016). Therefore, English language is now considered as an international language, and it is often taught as a foreign language accompanied by teaching both American and British Cultural studies. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), in simple words, means the teaching of English language in a non-English-speaking region. Education in American and British cultures...

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Problem of English Language Teaching

Language is seen as mans most important gift. It is the basics of all creative thought. Without language, there will be no progress, no civilization and no culture. English is important in Nigeria because it is the language that builds a bridge across the barriers created by the existence of many languages. Irrespective of its significance in our educational system, the English language, to all intents and purposes, appears indispensable in all aspects of our national development. Politically, it...

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Teaching English Language in Saudi Arabia

Learning and teaching a foreign language is quite an important factor in the modern society. Teaching the English language in Abha, in Saudi Arabia is highly important. Training English in Saudi Arabia would call for much attention than in any other subject. Introduction of this foreign language to the Arabs would be of importance in the next five years because; knowledge of the language has become a global requirement. English language is used, and will continue to be used in understanding numerous...

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Interactive Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

INTERACTIVE METHODS OF TEACHING FOREIGN LANGUAGES Oksana Siutkina (Kyiv, Ukraine) A wide variety of foreign language teaching methods developed in the 20th century. This fact strongly influenced the process of second language teaching and learning. Teachers choose the method that seems to them the most convenient and appropriate. However, it is a quite subjective and individual process. Basic teaching methods can be classified into the following categories: 1) structural methods: the grammar-translation...

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Communication in Foreign Language Teaching:

it is between classmates or between the teacher and students. In order for a foreign language teacher to be successful in his or her profession, it is essential to use comprehensible, succinct, and informative oral communication. This use of oral communication is vital for the accomplishment of a foreign language teacher’s goal: for their students to be successful in learning to speak, read, and write in a foreign language. According to the online Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook...

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English Language Teaching and Ict

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING AND ICT BY BANDELE ADEBOYE SOGBESAN SENIOR LECTURER IN ENGLISH, DEPT OF LANGUAGES, TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, IJEBU ODE. INTRODUCTION Language has been described by various scholars over the years according to the perceived roles it plays in different circumstances. Sapir (1921) sees it as a system of arbitrary vocal signs and symbols used for the purpose of communication. It can also be seen in the light of Christophersen’s (1981) view as a conventional...

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Micro-Teaching Practice Arrangements for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature LALI-441 TEFL TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEFL Portfolio Task Descriptions & Criteria Evaluation Criteria: Your grade will be determined by how many marks you earn during the semester. Marks are based on the following assignments: 4. Design & Planning: Lesson Plan 20 % 5. Micro-teaching 20% Lesson Planning - Chapter 22 You are required to micro- teach for 30 minutes in your TEFL class. Micro-Teaching Practice Arrangements ...

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COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING Nowadays, with the internationalization of this world, the foreign language learning and teaching has become especially important. In fact, since foreign language study was brought to school, various language-teaching methods have been used one after another, such as the Grammar –Translation Approach, the Direct Approach, the Audio-lingual Approach, etc. In 1970s, a new approach for language teaching, especially for foreign language teaching ---the Communicative...

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