A Study on Lifestyle of the Garments Workers in Bangladesh

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A study on

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May 10, 2006

American International University- Bangladesh

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1. Introduction3


3. Methodology5


5. Analysis & graph7-38



8. Conclusion43

9.Sample Questionnaire44-47

Bangladesh is an undeveloped and highly populated country of 143998 km² with a population of 129.24 million. Garment manufacturing is the biggest industrial sector of Bangladesh. The total number of garment workers is 1.6 million, 80% are women.

This country is trying a lot to change its position and wants to be a prosperous country. This country has potentiality to reach on her dreamed position through her internal resources.

As Bangladesh is gradually making its position better it is using the garments sectors. This sector is contributing to earn a lion share of foreign currency . From the recent data collection, it can be mentioned that about 74% of foreign currency is earned from this profitable sector.

As the amount what is mentioned above is easily realized. That how much important became the garments sector. A huge number of women are involved with this sector. They are involving themselves with a Varity of jobs division but most of them are involved with front line production level.

The women who are working in the garments of Bangladesh have some positives and negatives experience regarding their working environment.

The female workers who are working here are coming from various places of Dhaka and out side of Dhaka. As very much satisfactory number of female workers is coming in garments sector. A lot of female are getting inspired to make them a part of this profession.

The objective of research paper is why the majority of girls are coming in the Garments Sector? Are they satisfied enough to run their family through this sector? What is the present condition of compliance and noncompliance garments? What kind of facilities they get from garments. Which kind of problems they are facing and which kind of step should be taken to the noncompliance garments turn into compliance garments and that is the way we want to do.

Keeping in view the objectives of the study we will collect the primary information from the relevant woman workers of the garments with the help of questionnaire what we’ll make for the purpose. To do this we the group, consist of 6 members when for the survey in the greater Dhaka city. Particularly Khilkath, Gazipur and from others garments in the commercial area of Dhaka city.

We took interview on 85 garments workers on which with divided our interview into two parts compliance garments and another for non compliance garments. Compliance garments are basically running with the support from the government and non compliance garments are just the reverse the previous one. We choose 40 garments are compliance and rests of the 45 garments are noncompliance. We choose the compliance from Khilkath and...
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