Unit 3 – Enabling Learning and Assessment

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Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector - DTLLS Unit 3 – Enabling Learning and Assessment Written Assignment The Adult Learning Academy Paulo do vale

Assignment Brief
Unit 3 – Enabling learning and assessment

Describe, use and evaluate two different assessment activities used to check the learning of either individuals or groups of learners.
Analyse the purpose of assessment and produce a written justification of your chose assessment method.

What you need to do: * Choose two assessment methods that are suitable for use with your group and your topics and make notes on why you have chosen them, how you will use them and what you are using them to check. * Use the two methods and show it in your session plan. Record the results. * Make notes evaluating the methods: how well they worked, any weaknesses and any adjustments you would make next time. * Using all the notes from the above, compose a written piece of 800 – 1200 words fully referenced to theory , explaining the purpose of your assessments , a full description of your methods , the results they gave you and your evaluation of the methods.

The aim of this unit is to reflect upon, justify and evaluate two assessment methods and decisions in my specialist area, which is ESOL. The activities chosen as examples of tasks based on the assessment methods used in my observation (multiple choice and oral questions) are part of an ESOL entry 1 diagnostic assessment pack available at the talent (training adult literacy, ESOL and numeracy teachers) website. The activities provide an opportunity to observe the skills students are using in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The skills are all assessed in the same context (Samira’s life). As an ESOL entry 1 tutor, I found these materials suitable and easy to incorporate into my

Bibliography: Gravells, A. and Gravells, A. (2008) Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector. Exeter: Learning Matters. Petty, G. (2004) Teaching today. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes. Wilson, L. (2009) Practical teaching. Andover: Cengage Learning. Resources Available at http://www.talent.ac.uk/

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