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1. Write a glossary with five words you consider the most important ones to explain what Economics is.
2. Assume you are solving five exercises of Microeconomics. In this task you need to expend half an hour for each of them. Every exercise is worth two points, and it is needed 6 points over 10 to pass this evaluation. Your available time is five hours to do whatever you want to do. In this period you have also two alternative options. You can go out with a very especial friend and expend three hours -she/he has not more time to be expended with you-. Third option is to play Xbox with Manuel for two hours –less time than this it’s not possible-. Can you explain all possible alternatives and the value of each of them in terms of the other?

3. Read the Chapter 2 of Hidden Order (by David Friedman) and explain, in no more than one hundred words, the main ideas of this text and your opinion about it.
4. Thinking at the margin: In the following examples, state how you would use the principle of marginal analysis to make a decision (ref. Krugman, Microeconomics, page 19)
a. Deciding how many days to wait before doing your laundry
b. Deciding how much library research to do before writing your term paper
c. Deciding how many bags of chips to eat
d. Deciding how many lectures of a class to skip
5. Do you know any example where public authorities have tried to change previous incentives?

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