The Mis-Education of the Negro

Topics: Black people, Education, Slavery Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Africana Studies 305
Critical Analysis Summary Form

Date: February 15,2010
In-Class Exercise No:
Course: AFS 200-01

Author and Title of Reading or Chapter #:
The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson

List and Define Important Terms.
mis-educated - taught inferiority & the education afforded to blacks was far inferior segregation - to separate or isolate
propaganda - information given that helps or harms a particular group or instutition economic basement - the lowest financial status
philanthropy - concern for human welfare and advancement

Give the author’s or chapter’s thesis and main points. What is the author trying to say?
"Of the hundreds of Negro high schools recently examined ... only eighteen offer a course taking up the history of the Negro, and in most of the Negro colleges and universities where the Negro is thought of, the race is studied only as a problem or dismissed as little of consequence."

Main points:
* students are taught from text books that make whites look superior to blacks * teaching black students that they are inferior is the worst kind of lynching, killing their drive to succeed therefore giving him no choice but to turn to a life of crime * even if Negroes successfully imitate whites, they are still not accepted as being equal * the education afforded to the Negro is inferior to the education afforded to whites * positive information about Africans having superior knowledge of things was omitted from school curriculum, the only information mentioned was negative information * "In history of course, the Negro had no place in this curriculum." * "Education was in the hands of those who have enslaved them and now segregate them."

Describe the author’s methodology, approach, and/or line of argument. How does the author supports his/her argument?
The author is using examples and telling stories of how our education used to be and in many places still is. Woodson is a well educated man...
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