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Education of Engineer

By snowtea Oct 10, 2013 1617 Words
Education of Engineer
Thanks to the efforts of engineers, the modern network has been greatly developed. We can wrap ourselves in the quilt to download a good professional English writing from the website as our homework. But I think my English study will not have any improvement in this way. So I decide not to refer to any existing English articles. I will finish my composition by myself. This article may not be with high quality, but I still hope that my English ability will be improved through this training opportunity.

In this paper, I want to talk about the education issue of engineer. To discuss this topic, I will look at the engineer's growth as well as my own experience in the current Chinese education environment, in order to find out the factors that influence an engineer’s growth and education.

I can't remember when I first contacted the word of "engineer". But I remember one thing. When I was in the second grade in primary school, the Chinese teacher asked every students in our class what was our ideal. Some students said that they wanted to be a teacher, and some students wanted to be a member of Liberation Army. There were also considerable “future farmers”. When it was my turn to answer, I don't know why, but I said "engineer".

Recalling this story, I think more about what made me give the answer. I am a person who likes to recall the past. Before writing this article, I tried to recall my childhood to find out what experiences allowed me producing engineers aspire. At the moment, a clear set of scenes like a montage came in front of me, answering this question.

When I was young, I often got together with my uncle. My uncle’s figure was very magical for me. He could drive the Wuling Automobile, repair the tricycle, and make battery fishing tool… I often stood by my uncle's side, seeing him disassemble the Wuling Automobile engine into pieces so that he could wash them with gasoline, and then assemble them all together. I didn’t know where Uncle learned these skills, but I thought all the people skilled in controlling large machines as gods! Uncle occasionally did welding at home. I once saw two thick lines, and I knew there was a high voltage. How was I afraid of them! But uncle could take everything calmly, and used the two dangerous lines to repair. This is perhaps my initial impression and worship to the engineers!

I think hobby and education are the cultivation of fear to a subject. Then the fear will turn to admiration, later to interest, and finally you can become a synthesizer.

Throug my case, we can conclude that the influence of a relative skilled in engineer is important for the engineer's growth.

I think any one has a story related to water in the childhood. I'm no exception. When I was a child I loved water. water is soft, easy to small range control, and with energy and comfortable physical contact. I often went to a small river with gentle stream to do my small dams. I saw the water level rose slowly when the water was cut off, and then opened the sluice, to watch the water surging out - a moment I was so excited and proud! When I grew older, I often thought when I saw the kids stuff, why children's toys were a smaller version of the adult world? I gradually got my own answer. It may not be correct, but I think it may be reasonable. The children all over the world are curious about the nature, and they make their best efforts to create their own world. Is this the earliest dream about engineer of a human being? Or are the indelible revolutionary ideals treasures that being left in the human genes after the millions of years of evolution?

What let me pleased is that when I was little, I tried to cooperate with nature, to exploit nature to create what I want. I do not know whether every engineer's growth process is like this,but I am sure that this gave me the best education.

This is the most natural and deepest training for engineers!

For most people, the initial growth are accompanied by parents or loved relatives. When people grow up to a certain age, they are able to contact with the outside world, then nature becomes his best teacher. The engineer is no exception. Old engineers are responsible to train new engineers, which is a persistent pursuit. But to become an engineer, professional knowledge is the most important. As early as in the Newton Descartes, weentered the era of science and technology all over the world. Engineers must grasp the operation laws of the universe in order to be consistent with the scientific sense!

Above discussion is from a profession, education and occupation development standpoint for engineer. The most important thing for engineer is the perfect personality preservation. Once the a human masters the engineer's skills, he can product weapons that can hurt others, endangering the whole human society. So humanity education is the key for a person to becoming the real engineer. If there is no human nature education, there is nothing.

In my opinion, in addition to the part inherited from their parents, the engineer’s human nature ,is mostly learned from middle school to university. This is the most critical period for a person’s growth. The outlook and values on life and the world are formed during this period. I don't want to talk about general theory, but just want to talk about my personal experience.

I think for a long time about education. Maybe because I am in such an environment in China, what I must do is to constantly rethink, correct and then prevent myself from the inertia on thinking.

Beginning from primary school, parents taught me to study hard in school. When I entered junior high school, the parents taught me to study hard to be admitted by the best high school. I was finally admitted by the best high school, then parents told me that if I wanted to go to the excellent university, I had to study hard. Well, I was admitted by a good university. Finally parents suggested that I should find a stable job. They never asked me what I liked, what was my life's pursuit in a professional respect, which areas I wanted to get some achievements… Life is too short. I don't understand why they didn't ask me what was my purpose in life, but only how to find a good job.

Maybe I am destined to be a person who likes thinking, so I always think why my parents do this for me, what made them uncomfortable with the reality, what made them so anxious to make money to get the feeling of stability. If considering from the historical background, I think the problem would be a lot easier. Parents of the current generation are born in the most difficult times of China——in the later period of the cultural revolution After the famine of the late 1960s, our parents also experienced a turbulent 10-year Cultural Revolution. For our parents, sudden changes in the political environment scared their young hearts once again. Coming into the 1990s, there was political pressure,which made our parents not dare to talk about politics. So the only outlet for them is to make money. Finally, economic tide arrived. Since 1990, economy of Chinese mainland has developed in high speed. The money tide pushed the parents to continue to move forward. Everyone seemed to have forgotten what were their objective and the final result is nothing but money. This experience makes parents aware the reality. They only want to find a stable job, having a stable income to be safe to live. This may be one of the reasons for which so many young people scramble for civil servants.

In terms of education, I think it is useless. Even for the best student in school, when they return to their parents who are not good at educating, the school's learning will be in vain. If teachers teach us righteousness and morality in school, but we do something sly when coming back to the community, what use of this kind of education is?

Return to the human nature education of engineers. If the social environment does not change, the national moral quality will not improve, and the large quantities of engineers with conscience will not appear. Any effort will just be personal revolt against the adverse social environment. In the beginning of this article, I have talked that engineer education includes two aspects: The professional one and human nature. In the current educational environment, engineering professional skills seem to become the tool to make money. If the engineer can work for the pursuit of life and the joy of life, our education is successful.

Therefore, the mission of education is not only to impart knowledge, but also to let people know themselves, and to be themselves. Professional knowledge is mostly from the university education. However, a comprehensive talent is growing with the joint effort of parents, universities and communities.

An engineer's growth is a complex process. During infancy, he is influenced by his parents. Then, he grew up with the impact of nature and people around him. And he is taught in schools to gain knowledge and expertise. We cannot simply break down these processes, as they are steps that an engineer must experience.

The final conclusion, let me express once again, I deeply love the career of engineers!

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