Course Outline

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ENCS 272 Winter 2013
Argumentation and English Composition for Engineers

Professor:Ken Grimes
Lecture Time:Monday 17.45 – 20.15
Tutorial Time:Mon/Tue/Wed. 16.15 – 17.05
Office:EV-2.253. Phone: Ex 5447
Office Hours:Mon. 16.00 – 17.00; Tue. & Thu. 16.15 – 17.15.

Course Description ENCS 272. Three-credit course.
ENCS 272 teaches the fundamentals of English composition and argumentation: grammar; reasoning and persuasion; persuasive proofs; argumentation; structuring and outlining; the problem statement; the body; and the conclusions. Engineers and computer scientists develop skills in the essential professional areas of effective, persuasive communication, and cultivate critical thinking in their writing. Lectures: three hours per week; tutorial : one hour per week. Pre-requisites: all ESL course if any required. NOTE: Students passing this course with C- or higher will fulfill the ENCS Writing Requirement, will not need to take the Engineering Writing Test (EWT), and will be eligible to enroll in ENCS 282.

Course Objectives
Students will acquire the tools necessary for to develop written and oral communication skills for professional engineering and computer science practice.

Attendance and Participation Policy
Prompt attendance and class preparation are basic expectations. Students are required to attend all class and the tutorial sessions. Class participation is compulsory, both in lecture and tutorial. Absence from tutorials or lecture will result in reduction in the final course grade. Falsifying attendance sheets for another person is considered personation (see Academic misconduct below.) Students who attend but have not completed assigned work or do not complete in-class assignments will be counted absent.

Class Etiquette
It is expected that all students will contribute to a supportive and non-discriminatory learning environment by respecting basic classroom courtesy and displaying professional behavior. Late arrivals, early departures, cell phones, text messaging and eating are all disruptive activities that negatively affect classroom learning, reflecting disrespect and inattention to colleagues. Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally, participate in class discussions, offer their considered observations, and listen respectfully to others’ opinions, even if these are in disagreement with their own.

Academic Misconduct
Concordia University recognizes as a punishable offence “any form of cheating, plagiarism, personation, falsification of a document as well as any other form of dishonest behaviour related to the obtention of academic gain or the avoidance of evaluative exercises” (Code of Academic Conduct, Section 16.3.14, Paragraph III.) Any instance of plagiarism or other punishable offence will be referred for disciplinary action. This is defined as the presentation of the work of another person as one’s own without proper acknowledgement. This could be material copied word for word from books, journals internet sites, professor’s course notes, etc. It could be material that is paraphrased but closely resembles the original sources. It could be the work of a fellow student, for example, a paper or assignment completed by another student. It might be a paper purchased. Plagiarism also includes copying images, graphs, tables, oral presentations, and ideas.

Course Assignments
Assignments written outside class are submitted in the lecture hall, and due before class begins on the day specified in the schedule. Assignments turned in after the beginning of class are considered late assignments and will receive a zero. All assignments written in class must be handed in before the end of the class period. No late assignments will be accepted without prior instructor approval. Home assignments must be typed, double spaced, on one side only; in-class work must be submitted in ink, double spaced, written on one...
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