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  • Horror In Middle School

    tend to enjoy in their day to day lives. Horror is a classical way for middle school students to learn how to catch readers attention when writing‚ so why not teach it. Horror is appropriate for middle school students being that it gets students interested about reading‚ there are life lessons to be learned‚ and students learn more knowledge about the horror genre. On the other hand it is often thought that many middle school students tend to get afraid when reading an horror genre‚ however no matter

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  • Uniforms In Middle Schools

    topic in middle school for many years. The uniform policy was proposed for the students wellbeing. Although many disagree with this policy‚ many individuals say it adds a respectful aspect to the academic system. Uniforms are ideal for three reasons‚ they stop differences between the rich and the poor‚ they cut down bullying and they help students focus on their school work and have better behavior. Uniforms have had an impact on the rich and the poor. Uniforms‚ which are mandatory in middle school

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  • Dating In Middle School

    Middle school is a pathway to new opportunities‚ important information to remember‚ and a time for new‚ and different‚ experiences. When students enter the chaotic world of middle school‚ many will feel an urge to break free from the chains‚ restrictions‚ that the administration has placed upon them. One experience that many middle school students anticipate is the ability to date whomever they choose. This issue is thoroughly debated about within schools and usually concludes to the banning of dating

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  • Middle School Struggles

    Math has been easy for me till i hit high school. I did not struggle in middle school or in elementary school. Why i think i did not struggle in middle school is because the teachers were better at teaching and actually dedicating themselves to teach the kids and for them to have a better understanding. In the past when i used to struggle in math i was confident enough to ask the teacher for help. But now that i am in high school that changed because the teacher is kind of mean and does not really

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  • High School compared to middle school

    High School compared to middle school Before I entered high school‚ I thought it was going to be easy. I now realize that I was very wrong. I thought I would hardly ever get homework and that I would have tons of time to relax at home. I didn’t realized it would be so much work. I will tell you what you are enjoying now in middle school and how high school is compared to all the things you get to do. Before I entered high school‚ I had very little homework. I would come home after school at 5 pm

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  • Fear In Middle School

    Throughout lower school‚ and much of middle school‚ I had one looming fear. This fear ate me alive. The knowledge that at one point during my school career‚ I would have to endure a substitute teacher completely consumed me with a fear that rocked me to my very core. I can remember physically wincing when I opened the classroom door‚ and saw writing on the board that explained my teacher’s absence. I wasn’t fearful of a change in teaching styles‚ or the possibility that the new teacher would be

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  • Struggle In Middle School

    No math has not always been difficult for me. In middle school I found it to be really easy. I feel like I didn’t struggle in middle school because my school’s academics were really low. When I would struggle in a problem I would get frustrated but in my mind I knew I had to finish it. Most of the time I would give up and ask someone for help. In the past I would quit on the problem because I knew my teacher would come help me and explain the steps. I would struggle with the problem about five minutes

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  • Middle School Journey

    learned to rely on friends‚ to be optimistic in school‚ and to always have a sense of adventure. As I stepped into this big new‚ scary school I realized how much time is going to change things. I always wanted to branch out and find new friends‚ since majority of my friends seperated schools at the end of our middle school journey. You always see in movies about cliques and groupings of friends that stay together. Therefore‚ I strived to find that in my school year. I never expected to be this lucky with

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  • The Middle School Movement

    Throughout history the U.S school systems have changed quite a bit. During the 1900s to the 1960s the U.S school system was organized in different categories. Such as‚ some schools within the U. S were called junior high which was like a mini-version of high school. While other schools across the nation were more like a middle school approach. Nonetheless‚ a man named William Alexander had a enough and started the middle school movement‚ he realized along with other educators the need and importance

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  • Middle School Experience

    There is only one word that can be used to describe my middle school experience: awkward. My feet were disproportionate to the rest of my body and I hardly ever found a pair of jeans that fit. For the first week of middle school‚ the school nurse had to walk me to class with big puffy eyes. Not every day was as bad as that day‚ but there were definitely days that came close. The hardest part of middle school was making new friends at a new school. Since I was five years old‚ I always had the same few

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