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High School compared to middle school

By Sasipreetam-Morsa Jan 26, 2015 525 Words
High School compared to middle school
Before I entered high school, I thought it was going to be easy. I now realize that I was very wrong. I thought I would hardly ever get homework and that I would have tons of time to relax at home. I didn’t realized it would be so much work. I will tell you what you are enjoying now in middle school and how high school is compared to all the things you get to do. Before I entered high school, I had very little homework. I would come home after school at 5 pm. When I got home I would eat something and relax for 1 hour and then I would start my homework around 6 pm. Most times, it would take my 15-20 minutes to finish my homework. If I had any projects or other work to do, it would extend my work time to about 1 hour. But that all changed once I got to high school. Once I got to high school, I would get home at 7 and as soon as I got home, I had tons of homework. I start my homework at 7:30 pm and if it is normal homework, then I am done at about 9 pm. If I have project or other work, I have to work until 11 pm. And that is without AP human geography homework, which itself takes 1 hour per night. The second problem I have is band. Band in middle school is nothing compared to band in high school. When I was in middle school band, I practiced for 30 minutes a day and that was enough for me to be good. After school practices were rare events and they lasted for about an hour when we had them. Once I got to high school, even one hour of band practice a day isn’t enough. And after school rehearsals are an almost everyday thing and each practice is a little more than one hour marching in the hot sun. And being at the Friday football games is mandatory. The games go from 7 pm to 10:30 pm and if it is an away game, then you don’t get home until 12 midnight. And, in middle school concerts and contests were during the weekdays, but in high school you have to sacrifice your Saturdays to be at the competitions. And if you are not at the games or the contests in high school, then you get a detention. So, thinking that high school would be easy was a big mistake. I made this mistake and I am now paying the price. So, no matter what you do, don’t make the mistake that I made. Make sure you get prepare to have long days and lots of homework. And start preparing for having at most 7 hours of sleep on the weekdays.

This is a medium compare-contrast because it is contrasting, but it is only contrasting it is not comparing anything as the same. For a good compare contrast, you have to show the similarities along with the differences between the two things.

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