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Unit and title of assignment: Unit 10 Properties of Materials 1: Classifying Materials
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Toward LO 1: Be able to describe the structure of and classify engineering materials




Describe the structure (including the atomic structure) associated with a given metal, polymer, ceramic, composite and smart material

Classify given engineering materials as either metals or non-metals according to their properties

Describe mechanical, physical, thermal and electrical and magnetic properties and state one practical application of each property in an engineering context

Explain how the properties and structure of different given engineering materials affect their behaviour in given engineering applications
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Classifying engineering materials and investigating their properties
In this assignment you will: find and present information about the internal structure of materials used in engineering classify materials as either metallic or non-metallic identify the properties of materials and understand how they influence the choice of a material for a particular purpose. investigate the behaviour of materials in service and relate this to their properties.
Your Role
You are nearing the end of the first year of an engineering apprenticeship and have been moved into the design

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