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U.S. Steel industry. What conclusion can you draw from this? Degree of Rivalry: Mini mills were being used by the foreign competition which mean they were able to produce steel at less expensive rates passing that on ot their customers. Barriers to entry: Starting in the 1970's since there were no trade barriers companies overseas were able to manufacture and sell steel for a much lower price here in the United States therefore affecting companies domestically. Supplier power: Once steel became...

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Steel and Corrosion

of manganese in the rusting of steel.  Alford, H. Carroll: Corrosion of iron and its prevention. 2,200 w. 1901. (In Proceedings of the St. Louis Railway Club, v. 5, April 12, p. 9.) Theory of rust formation and preventive measures.  American Society for Testing Materials: 1,800 w. 1906. (In Iron age, v. 77, p. 2057.) Abstracts of papers at ninth annual meeting of the society; corrosion of tube steel, corrosion of wire fencing, electrolysis in structural steel, etc.  Andes, Louis Edgar: Der...

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Carnegie Steel

Carnegie Drove Steel Home Andrew Carnegie grew up as a son of a weaver craftsman and a mother who went to work to help support the family when the stream weaving loom came to Scotland. Andrew later wrote, after seeing my dad begging for work I knew I would be the one to fix it. I determined that Andrew Carnegie was a captain of industry. He was a captain of industry because he, helped build the formidable American steel industry, supplied jobs to many people who were out of jobs because of the...

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Reinforcing Steel

REINFORCING STEEL: Reinforced concrete was designed on the principle that steel and concrete act together in resisting force. Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. The tensile strength is generally rated about 10 percent of the compression strength. Steel is the best material for reinforcing concrete because the properties of expansion for both steel and concrete are considered to be approximately the same; that is, under normal conditions, they will expand and contract at an almost...

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Johannsen Steel Corporation

Johannsen Steel Company (JSC) initially focused on high-quality, high-carbon, and high-margin steel wire and ever made big success. In 1946 it was sold to West Virginia Steel (WVS) and then experienced the shocking change of steel industry during 1960s and 70s. Facing the pressure of competitors, JSC began to intend to expand sales and cut cost to maintain its profit level. As a result, the sales revenues kept increase, but the net profit was very low (no more than 2%). JSC now has to make some...

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Continuous Improvement on Tata Steel

rather pointless but then again there is always room for minor changes and improvements. Corus (Tata Steel) – A brief history Corus is a holding of Tata Steel of India, The Tata Group have holdings in many industries such as chemicals, automotive, telecommunications, leisure and consumer goods, In 2007 as a part of their international expansion strategy they acquired Corus , Corus is a steel manufacturer with many plants across the UK, one of which was based locally in Workington until 2006 when...

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compare between concrete and steel

How do concrete and steel compare in the construction of large commercial buildings? Office buildings, Hotels, Sports Complexes, and other buildings have the purpose of bringing people inside. The goal is to keep occupants comfortable and safe, while keeping the cost associated withe the construction and maintenance of the building low. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes right to it, the differences between the tow materials balance themselves out . There is...

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Annealing: Steel and Quench Media

certain temperature, then it is slowly cooled. First, the steel is heated at a temperature of about 16000F (8710C) for a certain amount of time (“Annealing of Tool Steel”). During annealing, ferrite, which is pure iron, turns into austenite, another type of iron (“Full Annealing”). The heating time is dependent upon the size of the specimen to be annealed, which is about two hours per inch thickness of the specimen (“Annealing of Tool Steel”). After the metal is heated for the desired amount of time...

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Iron and Steel of Industrial Chemistry

Iron, Steel and Aluminium Main sources of iron: * second most abundant metal (5% by mass) in Earth’s crust (fourth most abundant element) * found in rock (a mixture of minerals) as one or more minerals (usually a compound) * if a mineral is of economic importance, it is referred to as an ore * iron containing minerals include hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (FeO·Fe2O3 or Fe3O4), limonite (FeO(OH)·nH2O) and siderite (FeCO3) Alloys: * homogeneous mixtures of metals or metals and...

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Management and Steel Industry

ore and scrap steel, increasing amount of steel imports, production technology improvements and economic weakness. Changes in legislation could have severe impacts on the firm’s numerous production facilities and could be costly to become compliant. The fluctuations in both the cost and supply of iron ore and scrap steel directly impact the firm’s profitability because it is difficult to pass those costs on to the customers due to the price-driven level of competition in the steel industry. The rise...

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